My Rose Quartz

by Trudy
(Southern Illinois)

Two crystals I have always been drawn too are rose quartz and bloodstone. So needless to say, I have many pieces of rose quartz placed around my home. I also carry it everyday in my pocket and find the positive energies it brings to my workplace are nothing short of a miracle.

I work in a very negative atmosphere and it was always bringing me down. Once I started carrying my rose quartz, it made those who had been negative actually start being pleasant. I also carried hematite which is supposed to deflect negativity but lost it out of my pocket.

That is when it appeared to improve my situation so maybe I was supposed to lose it and just kept my rose quartz. Recently I just started carrying kunzite with me. No changes noted but I have a "feel" for it. No changes noted either carrying my bloodstone, but I also feel it is one of my stones. Thanks for this wonderful site!

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by: Anonymous

A lovely stone to carry about with you - and just sit and hold in your hand is - Lepidolite, it is a lavender color. I have never held a stone that makes me feel so relaxed before.

Rose Quartz
by: Diana

I also have a special thing for Rose Quartz. For me, it hasn't brought any such visible changes, but I think it's just very slow with me as I usually change slowly. I do love Rose Quartz so much and have a lot of it.

It always attracts me and when I touch it, it feels like coming home. Somehow, I feel better in the middle of stress, tiredness, or loneliness, if I hold a piece of rose quartz, as if it fulfills me somehow, even physically.

I have a Rose Quartz heart that I bought for myself during a tough time and it's my favorite crystal, no matter how cliche it sounds or how special some other crystals are that I have. I carry my Rose Quartz too.

Comments for Rose Quartz
by: Trudy

In response to Diana: Sometimes I believe the Rose Quartz brought such a positive influence within me that, that fact reduced the negativity around me.

But I know what you mean...the Rose Quartz is such a calming influence and will remain my favorite crystal. I think you would like Kyanite too. It is another soothing crystal for me and helps align chakras and will open them if programmed to do so.

Rose quartz and Hematite
by: AlchemalGoddess

I have had a very shaky supervisor for the last two years and this morning I reached for my necklaces that has these two stones in their design.

At first when a customer started being cranky and dumping her anger I wanted to bite back, but instead I was able to deflect and not absorb her energies which is unusual for me, being an Empath.

Than after a long day I flubbed saying something and usually spar. Numpz right on something like that with an attitude...and this time it just wasn't there!
I'm wearing it from now on!

Rose Quartz
by: Jazmin

I have just recently gotten my rose quartz, it's a little damaged but honestly it doesn't matter because it does in fact work.

I noticed the effects straight away, strangers started looking at me more, as if I attracted them. I felt suggestive energy around more people.

It felt so good that people seemed to be drawn to me. I would definitely get more rose quartz, it's great.

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