My Story About Blue Kyanite

by Liba
(The Czech Republic)

Part Of My Crystal Collection

Part Of My Crystal Collection

When I read article about Liz and her passion for crystals I remembered one thing, how my real passion for crystals started. I think I have loved stones for many years, most of my life. When I was small child I picked stones everywhere and put them into my pockets – it made my mother a little crazy.

I continued it still as an adult and besides that I bought stones too – not only stones but charms, necklaces or bracelets too.I loved wearing them but at that time they were for me mainly my favorite decorative accessories.

About 4 years ago I became ill and I felt very badly. Probably most of my health problems were connected with my various problems at work and at home and I was not able to manage it. I felt exhausted, stressed and very tired and doctors were not able to help me.

I think my main problem was that they tried to cure only the result, but not the cause of my disease. At that time I visited my favorite esoteric shop with gemstones and various esoteric items and books. There are 2 shop assistants in this shop but both of them are mainly psychic advisers and healers.

One women took a pendulum and after short time said that blue Kyanite is the best stone for me. At that time blue Kyanite was rather unknown here. At that moment I did not buy it. After returning home I read more about this stone. It was very interesting, and in my opinion it was really the right stone for me.

So I returned to this shop and bought blue Kyanite. I believe this stone helped me – my health state became gradually much better. Since this time I have used this stone every time when I feel exhausted, tired and in a bad state. And probably blue Kyanite learned me to engage in crystals much more than before.


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I love Blue Kyanite.
by: Amy

I agree with you on the blue kyanite. It is very powerful. It has a subtle but powerful and very sweet energy. It allows me to focus my energy and align chakras to communicate with my guides. This is an amazing stone. I keep one in my pocket when I need extra angelic protection or guidance.

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