New to crystals. Too much too soon.

by Haley
(North Carolina )


I recently had a soul chart reading and was told that I have a "gift" etc...

I was instructed to learn how to open my third eye. I have been trying a little bit, but I am still VERY uneducated when it comes to stuff like this and I want to make sure I do everything safely and properly with good intentions.

So, I found myself in a spirit shop one day and I saw all the little pretty crystals for sale and got very excited about getting some. Because a lot of them were for the third eye and psychic development. I didn't even think that having too many would be too strong. My first "batch" of crystals I bought were an Amethyst, Flourite, Pyrite, Labradorite, and a Tigers eye.

I cleansed them, let them stay over night in the soil, meditating occasionally with them. Then I got the itch for more crystals. My second batch of cystals were Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli. Did all the same rituals with these stones as well.

My last stone purchased was a Lemurian Seed. I use this as my main crystal because I asked the worker what a good crystal was for Clairsentience (my strongest area). She told me to try the Lemurian Seed and pick it up and see if it feels right. So I did. She told me she doesn't usually tell people to go for this one because it is a little strong, but she smiled and said she thought I could handle it.

So it's mine now. On a daily basis I usually carry the Lemurian Seed in my right pocket and the Tigers eye in my left. I choose the Tigers eye often because of its power to dispel fear and anxiety.

Note: I also own a palm sized smokey quartz. My very first stone from years ago. That one has not been taken care of over the years until I purchased my new crystals.

Bottom line is, I think we can all agree here that for a beginner I'm silly for getting this many crystals at once. They may be effecting my mood and health, but I cannot tell at this point much. I do not want to get rid of them though!

I really like them and enjoy knowing which each of them have to offer. What can I do from this point on to make sure everything runs smoothly?

Do any of these crystals have bad pairings?

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Good for you!
by: Nancy

HI Haley,

You are just following your intuition about the crystals. One can never have too many, I know, I have a ton! LOL There are many crystal books out there to help you get started.

You can hold each one and see what comes to you, how does your body feel, do you hear anything, do you see anything? you can sleep with one under your pillow and see how are your dreams.

Ground yourself to the earth and to the universe to keep you protected. Just see your feet going into the earth and your crown reaching out to the sky. Always follow your intuition. What you first feel is usually right. Enjoy!

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