New To Crystals

by Kate Young
(Northumberland, England)

Hi, just wanting a bit of advice, I have stumbled upon this brilliant website which I believe is part of my spiritual journey that I am beginning. I was meditating a few days ago and my instinct told me that I needed crystals to progress my meditation.

There are so many crystals I really do not know where to start. I want to become more spiritual and connect more with my guide.

I also see visions of spirits in my minds eye. If anybody can suggest what I should be looking at that would be fantastic.

Also my Guide has suggested that I will eventually start 'Channelling' using 3 crystals, I am certainly not ready for that but feel I am ready to start learning. Any help would be appreciated.

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by: Whispering Peace

Hi, I am not sure what you mean by where you should be looking. However, it is my suggestion you do not push it. Let it find you. These stones will come to you. Go to your closest gem/crystal shop and just listen to the stones, they will let you know they are needed. "You are on this journey, and the journey of your spiritual growth will unravel as your journey flows."

Peace on the path, it is an exciting time and will continue you lifetime and beyond.

Follow your heart
by: Anonymous

I agree with the statement above. I started off as a collector because they were pretty. Sitting with them, getting to know them, how they feel and react to certain noises... or my own energy.

Since then I walk into a store or on a river bed, near piles of gravel, a mountain landscape where ever. I just find what I need, more like they find me. Go for what calls to you and makes you smile. Part of the journey is to learn to connect to your environment beyond the 5 senses.

One of my personal favorites are moqui marbles. They are strong but gentle, giving out a very peaceful feeling. When I meditate to them, they sing a melody inside me, hard to explain. Either way I don't have to try to meditate with them, they do all the work. The melody just pulls me in. They are inexpensive and available just about any mineral shop and on the web (they come in a pair male/female)

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