Question About Kyanite

by Victoria
(Pafos, Cyprus)

Hi! In your article titled Throat Chakra Stones For Improved Communication Abilities ( you mention that before you use any specific crystal with the throat chakra, you advise the use of Kyanite and then after that to follow by the use of any one of the specific throat chakra stones.

My question here is, how long should I use the Kyanite before moving on to other throat chakra stones?

Thanks in advance.

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Using Kyanite
by: Liz - Site Writer

Hi Victoria

Thanks for asking about Blue Kyanite and how it can be used! Basically what I was saying was that it is beneficial to use Kyanite first, as it has such an excellent effect to bring all of the chakras into alignment.

This may be more important for some people than others, depending on your specific health issues it can be very beneficial. Once you have used it... it happens so quickly.... you can go on immediately to use other stones.

I would use it on a regular basis as it is such an excellent asset to your health. If you hold it for a minute, at the beginning of your meditation, it will bridge any energy gaps, clear the meridians and align the chakras.

That is why I regularly wear my Blue Kyanite jewelry as it is so beneficial to you, and it is excellent for meditation for many other reasons, which you can read in the article on Blue Kyanite

Love and light Liz

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