Rhozidite Crystal

by Manny

Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and I have a question... Does anyone have a Rhozidite crystal?? If so can you please explain fully how to use it properly??

e.g How many crystals should one meditate with at a time?? How many times should one meditate a week?? How do you ground effectively after meditating?? I researched on the web and did not find anything helpful on it. I'm so sorry for disturbing.

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About Using Rhodizite Crystals
by: Liz ~Site Writer & Owner

Hi Manny

Its interesting that you are asking about Rhodizite, because I have just finished writing about this crystal! Its clearly the Law Of Attraction in action here, because I didn't intend to write about it right now, yet yesterday Spirit was telling me it was time to talk about it :)

So it took all day yesterday and today to get done but it is now up on the site. Click on this link to read the Rhodizite article.

I feel that using it every day can be beneficial, and it will depend how you are feeling emotionally as to what action you take.

Regarding your questions: take a look at the article and see if they have been answered, and if not come back and ask again, and I will be happy to clarify any issues and answer any questions for you.

Many blessings ...... Liz

PS I noticed you spelled it Rhozidite ~ if Rhodizite isn't the crystal you want info on let me know. x

How many crystals to meditate with
by: Janice Suria

Manny I pick up the energy of crystals first by holding two in my fingertips, and touching them against a water bottle I drink out of, after that I can feel their energy in my hand...and know their personality.

After 40 seconds to 1 minute you'll feel some energy and it only gets stronger, you're feeling the energy on a different dimension....your body is basically a crystalline structure of water too, and it's such a powerful way of touching base with the spirit of the crystals, I still haven't read about this in any book either, and the idea just came to me one night.

Occasionally I use 3 stones, if I don't feel an energy I change a stone, and always find great combinations. My first combo was with Shungite and Green Aventurine, when I used a Rose and another after that it was completely different energy and I was just like !! " WOW " !!

Blue Kyanite and Mookaite are exceptional together, and so is Blue Kyanite with Dumortierite. I loved the 3 combo of Amber, Sugilite and Green Kunzite, that was something!!

It's a good idea to have papers for this experiment, it's really powerful.

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