Ruby / Raw Stone Question. "Recorded" vs. "Corundum"

by Stephen Jr.
(Brea, CA)


I'm looking to purchase a ruby, raw version, but have been told that I should consider the "recorded" vs. "corundum." My gemologist said that the "recorded" has a triangular crystallization or also referred to as pyramid and is ideal for both the heart and lower chakras.

He also said that the energy of this particular stone/gem resonates much better than the "corundum", especially from a lucid dream perspective.

Do you concur and recommend that version? "Recorded?"

Peace & Blessings,


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Types Of Ruby Stone
by: Liz, Site Owner & Writer

Hi Stephen

Thinking about Rubies, the way I see it is that all Ruby is Corundum, it is red because it contains specific minerals that make it that color.

Other types of Corundum are known as sapphires, including blue and yellow stones.

Many rubies and sapphires form as record keepers, meaning they have a specific formation in the stone. I am not sure if this is what the person who was talking to you about them was referring to.

Ruby Record Keepers are said to contain information from ancient civilizations and you can use them to access this, to improve your life.

I have a Ruby Record Keeper but its photo is not on my Ruby information page, as I couldn't capture it.

The crystals of Ruby may be of various qualities, and the higher quality stones are said to have a better ability to resonate, though all work well at the heart chakra.

All the best with your purchase.

Blessings Liz

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