Selenite and Kundalini

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(western NY)

A few months ago I purchased a piece of Selenite, not knowing it would have an effect on my kundalini. Initially, I was unable to hold the Selenite for more than a few seconds because it made me extremely dizzy and nauseous.

It felt as though it had raised my level of consciousness too high too fast and I thought I was going to pass out. It was actually quite scary. After working with it little by little, I eventually became acclimated to it and the dizziness stopped.

Like I said, I did not buy it for kundalini purposes, but intuitively ended up using it that way. Over the course of the past year or so, I was beginning to feel my kundalini rise during orgasm, however the energy never seemed to get past my lower/mid back. (Note that all sexual experiences expressed here were solo, no partner involved. I honestly don't think this I would have become aware of my kundalini if I were always having sex with a partner).

One day I decided to pick up the Selenite during orgasm and began rubbing it over my body. My sexual energy immediately began to disperse throughout my body and also began to rise. The effects of my orgasm were prolonged by several minutes, throughout my whole body. Extreme bliss. Over the course of the next few months I felt my sexual energy/kundalini rise further and I began using the selenite each time.

The energy going through my heart chakra was the most intense. Subsequent experiences through each chakra are not as intense, as the energy no longer has to 'burst' through (I guess). The energy does not go higher and higher with each sexual experience as it takes several experiences over a period of time for my energy to rise up to the next chakra. My energy seemed to stay in the 3rd eye area for the longest of all chakras.

A few weeks ago I finally had the experience of it moving up through my head. The Selenite still works to disperse the orgasmic energy throughout my whole body, helps it to rise, and prolongs the orgasmic effects. What has happened, is that when I feel sexual desire now my sexual energy (pre and post-orgasm) directly goes to my 3rd eye chakra. It is as though a bridge has been formed.

As far as my personal life goes, I have an opportunity to move to a different area of the country. I don't have a lot of time to prepare for this, so my life will be chaotic for the next few weeks. At this time though, I do not know if this move will aid my spiritual growth, or if it has anything to do with using the Selenite and my kundalini rising. I will only know that once I am there for a while. But I definitely feel divine guidance happening, as everything is falling into place for this move and all is leading me there.

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Selenite and kundalini ...
by: Anonymous

I love selenite but it never occurred to me to use it for raising the kundalini .. I am thankful for your sharing and will come back and share my experience as well... Be blessed on your journey

by: QueenPhoenix

Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience. I just got my stone and am eagar to learn all I can about using it.

Selenite and Kundalini
by: Anonymous

Awesome. I'm going thru a similar experience and just bought my Selenite on recommendation from a friend to use it to clear the negativity around me, but so glad to see this affecting your kundalini as well. Excited to start using my Selenite, but will probably go slow as I have had similar strong dizzy type reactions with other stones. Thanks for sharing!

by: Anonymous

Selenite primarily acts on the crown chakra. Thus its quite common to get dizziness, head pressure, headaches when working with it in isolation. It can actually draw too much energy into this energy center putting you out of balance.

When working with it it is often very beneficial to use in conjunction with Black Tourmaline. Laying on your back and placing the tourmaline just below your feet (grounding earth star chakra point) and the selenite just above the crown (Soul star chakra point).

It strengthens these two key points which powerfully opens the energy field in a more balanced way. You won't get the headaches or dizziness you get from using selenite on its own.

Also a secondary action of selenite is linked to sexual reproduction, so it is very active in stimulating sexual urges which is likely why you had success using it that way. When I place it under my bed, I normally wake up with a "hard" problem to solve.

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