A difficult and uneasy path to understanding

by Stephen
(Deanshanger Northants UK)

I'm writing this on Christmas Eve in 2023. I say this at the outset because in this day and age one might suppose that my story, that is the circumstances I am writing about and ones like it belong to the past. This is not the case but if only it were!

All along my introduction (over some years) to not only crystal health and healing but all other complementary and alternative health practices I have had opposition. This was sometimes vociferous and yes offensive, including myself being called this (and worse) by those intent on "saving me" from myself and from notions and perceptions of "the devil" and "evil."

So often this has been controlling and dominant behaviour dressed up as care and even "Christian love." I am still very much under the influence of this to the extent that I can only write like this when it is safe to do so. Not only to my personal safety but my mental and emotional health would not be put at risk (more so than it already is) by reactions to it that I know I would get including potentially attempts to get it deleted and "disciplinary action" taken against me to "correct" and again "save" me.

I suspect some people reading this not far away will resonate with this story; and it is not "paranoid" or "delusional." I have been given diagnoses of both these conditions. I also suffer, and have for most of my life, from phobic conditions which have impeded sometimes pretty well completely my outside activities; though there have been some better times from my own perspective.

I'm in that situation more than ever now. I live with my brother who considers all crystal healing to be "rubbish" and "dangerous." His fundamentalist Christian friends and his own very conventional scientific views too, see it as evil and "satanic." I have to some extent distanced myself from them, but as a result have found myself isolated more and more; not only from them but from the outside world.

My brother now will not accept any views and opinion of mine at all; in fact he never really has without heavy caveats; taking the view that if Stephen says it it's wrong; and also in denial about the fact he does this. After all that is also wrong isn't it?

It is fuschite that brought me here; the stone "vanished" and came to light again yesterday. How appropriate! The meanings of this stone in particular brought up fellow feelings that are very strong; so much so I feel I already know its owner Liz on one level. Feelings that would not only be discounted but opposed and nastily too by some that I know (not too extreme language I assure you). I gave my brother a piece of it too which I have not seen for some time. Some stones have disappeared and not re appeared at all; though they seem to then the time is right; some were just right at that time and are no longer wanted or needed.

I am not on here to accuse or play the victim though heaven knows this and other methods have been used with me by others. In the Bible at the end of Romans 12 it says "render to no one evil for evil; rather overcome evil with good." This is what I want to attempt to do. Bad mouthing and ill intent (which I am routinely accused of; mainly by my brother but sometimes also by others) does no good; and sometimes harm.

Crystal healing is a non-invasive and gentle method which can and does "work" by a whole range of methods and agencies.

My brother is waking up now (he "doesn't do mornings") so I will need to stop right here. I hope that people reading this in the same or similar predicament will get some support help and hope from this I have written; please also respond to my writing as I would love to hear from anyone who wants to do so, including from Liz yourself.

He will see such writing as a personal attack on him as he so often has in the past. Him and his outspoken and sometimes odd political views too. Enough said on that one. I hope also to have the chance to write again. For this opportunity anyway thank you.

That's all for now. Stephen Hastie

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Some Ideas That May Help
by: Liz

hi Stephen

Thank you for taking the time to give everyone a detailed understanding of your problems, as this is a time when those who have different beliefs often find it difficult.

This time of year does of course relate to the christian belief which can be hard if you have bigoted people who purport to be good people giving you a hard time.

My suggestion for you would be to consider Crystals To Sever Karmic Ties and find one of these stones and use it to cut ties to your brother.

Its very sad that he is unwilling to recognize that crystal healing is a force for good, and that crystals are mentioned in the bible. Crystals have been used for thousands of years and a powerful force for good.

Crystals have a positive energy that I am guessing makes your brother uneasy. It can be hard to admit when you are wrong.

I trust you will be able to read this at some point. Your brother cannot remove it, as its on my site and not up to him.

Take care of yourself. Love and light Liz

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