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September 2022 Issue #109-3

Ezine September 2022 109-3

    What's In Issue #109-3

  • Discover crystals for emotional healing so you can deal with emotional trauma, sadness and grief.
  • They aid the release of negative emotions and boost inner peace and harmony.
  • Using crystals for healing yourself is easy.
  • See simple ways that you can use them, and learn the properties of each stone so you can decide which is best for you.
  • Read third September 2022 Issue #109-3

September 2022 Issue #109-2

    What's In Issue #109-2

  • Learn about blue crystals and how they may enhance your life.
  • See pictures of many beautiful blue crystals and discover quite a few ways that they help you.
  • Most blue crystals stimulate the throat chakra.
  • This may particularly aid your communication abilities.
  • There are a number of other chakras listed too with the ways they can assist you.
  • The page is divided up with various headings to aid you, and a list noting the crystals for that section.
  • Read second September 2022 Issue #109-2

September 2022 Issue #109-1

Ezine September 2022 109-1
      What's In Issue #109-1
  • Learn how to charge crystals and how to cleanse them
  • Discover various methods for charging your crystals
  • Add positive energy & remove negative energy
  • Learn methods that make it easy to do it often.
  • Combine cleansing crystals with charging crystals so you always remember to do both.
  • Read first September newsletter for 2022 Issue #109-1

August 2022 Issue #108-3

    What's In Issue #108-3
  • Learn about crystals for bad dreams, that help to put a stop to nightmares.
  • The stones in this group have different ways that they may help with this.
  • Many have a calming energy and some help to prevent fear related to negative thoughts created by the dream images.
  • One of the top ways to use them is to place the crystal or stone on the bedside table, but they can also be worn during the day.
  • Each stone has a specific energy that can benefit you for this purpose and all of these crystals have an in-depth page outlining other properties.
  • Read third August newsletter for 2022 Issue #108-3

August 2022 Issue #108-2

    What's In Issue #108-2
  • Learn about Rainbow Obsidian, an unusual type of sheen obsidian where various colors appear when it is held a certain way.
  • Its energy helps the release of karma from past lives and may help you to let go of fear, depression or mood swings related to past life situations.
  • Use it in meditation and for gazing, to learn important information.
  • Also discover other types of obsidian stone and how their energy varies from Rainbow Obsidian.
  • Read second August newsletter for 2022 Issue #108-2

August 2022 Issue #108-1

Ezine August 2022 108-1
    What's In Issue #108-1
  • Learn about the black crystals and stones. 
  • See pictures of a large number of beautiful black crystals and stones and learn how they help you. 
  • The vibration of Black Crystals is advantageous due to their strong base and earth chakra energy.
  • Their earth connection makes the black stones have a powerful grounding energy.
  • They aid the release of negative and boost positive energy, are highly protective to protect your personal space and aura.
  • They also assist those who have EHS or electrohypersensitivity.
  • Learn more why the properties of Black Crystals and stones are so beneficial to help your life.
  • Read first August newsletter for 2022 Issue #108-1

July 2022 Issue #107-4

Ezine July 2022 107-4
  • What's In Issue #107-4.
  • If you haven't heard of red Cuprite, this is a bright red stone that may also have black spots in it.
  • It may also be a dark silvery red, which is a quite unusual coloration.
  • Learn about this bright red base chakra stone that has an excellent energy for healing.
  • This is a copper based mineral that also occurs in combination with Chrysocolla. 

July 2022 Issue #107-3

Ezine July 2022 107-3
    What's In Issue #107-3
  • Learn about Crystals For Mental Clarity. These crystals or stones have a good action to help you to focus on important issues and concentrate better.
  • They will help you to have a clearer mind when you are working on tasks that require an unimpeded flow of ideas.
  • They release doubt and confusion bringing clarity to your mind and can assist you when you are studying.
  • While individual stones have different properties they all assist you to have a more focused approach to day to day duties.
  • Read third July newsletter for 2022 Issue #107-3

July 2022 Issue #107-2

Ezine July 2022 107-2
    What's In Issue #107-2
  • Have you heard of Kakortokite, a red and black spotted stone that comes from Greenland?
  • These crystals are a mix of minerals that creates a powerful Spiritual combination.
  • Their vibration brings light energy down via the higher chakras, through the body and grounds it in the earth.
  • This activates a cosmic anchor, which is a powerful support when you are visiting the higher realms in meditation.
  • These crystals also attract the energy of coincidence and synchronicity.
  • The red spots in this stone are Eudialyte, and they may also have black spots but these are smaller and harder to see. The black spots are said to be Arfvedsonite and both minerals are in a white matrix.
  • Read second July 2022 Issue #107-2

July 2022 Issue #107-1

Ezine July 2022 107-1
    What's In Issue #107-1
  • Learn about Golden and Yellow Crystals. 
  • See pictures of a large number of beautiful yellow crystals and stones and learn how they help you.
  • The solar plexus chakra resonates with the color yellow.
  • This energy boosts abundance, prosperity, good fortune, luck and manifestation.
  • By stimulating this area they may boost optimism, increase self confidence, willpower and self worth.
  • They also stimulate the third eye and crown chakras, assisting Spiritual growth and healing. Discover why the vibration of Golden Yellow Crystals is so advantageous. 
  • Read first July 2022 Issue #107-1

June 2022 Issue #106-4

Ezine June 2022 106-4
    What's In Issue #106-4
  • Have you heard of Pecos Diamonds, which are orangey pink quartz crystals?
  • Pecos Diamond has an energy that boosts happiness and helps you to be aware that having fun in life is important.
  • It has other strong benefits including enhancing the gift of precognition or prophecy.
  • They are excellent crystals for meditation too and are helpful crystals for creativity. 
  • Read fourth June 2022 Issue #106-4

June 2022 Issue #106-3

Ezine June 2022 106-3

    What's In Issue #106-3

  • Crystals For Pain Relief: many people have pain and need help.
  • Did you know that there are lots of crystals and stones that help to relieve pain?
  • There are also many different types of pain which you can learn about.
  • Discover the various crystals, stones and minerals on the list.
  • Learn what type of pain they may help. 
  • Read third June 2022 Issue #106-1

June 2022 Issue #106-2

Ezine June 2022 106-2
    What's In Issue #106-2
  • Learn about Polychrome Jasper, a gorgeous brightly colored stone also known as Desert Jasper.
  • Their energy is known to bring good fortune and it may increase joy and happiness with its vibrant nurturing energy.
  • Do you know How To Use A Pendulum? If you are not sure how its done you can discover more.
  • Check out the article, see link below as it explains in detail how using a pendulum works. 
  • Read second June 2022 Issue #106-2

June 2022 Issue #106-1

Ezine June 2022 106-1
    What's In Issue #106-1
  • Learn About Purple Crystals: See pictures of a large number of gorgeous purple crystals and stones and learn how they help you.
  • The energy of Purple Crystals is effective because the third eye resonates with the color purple so they are powerful stones to stimulate this area.
  • Many embody the violet flame healing vibration and there are quite a few that are excellent healing stones for stress.
  • They boost psychic abilities, assist deeper meditation, and there are also purple crystals with a high vibration that aids spiritual growth and healing.
  • Read first June 2022 Issue #106-1

May 2022 Issue #105

Ezine May 2022 105

    What's In Issue #105

  • Pink Crystals: Discover many beautiful pink crystals that enhance loving feelings, joy and compassion.
  • Green Rosasite is a fairly uncommon stone that has a number of excellent properties. 
  • See Crystals For Patience. Did you know that there are crystals that can help you to have greater patience while you wait for what you want to happen?
  • How Do You Use Your Crystals? Check out the article with many tips on using crystals and perhaps you'll discover new ways to use your them too.
  • Read May 2022 Issue #105

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April 2022 Issue #104

Ezine April 2022 104

    What's In Issue #104

  • Almandine is one of the most popular red stones. Learn more about this gorgeous Red Garnet.
  • Green Crystals: Learn about the many beautiful green crystals that embody the energy of spring and growth.
  • Heard of Kinoite? The energy of this fairly uncommon blue crystal charges both the throat and the higher heart chakra. 
  • Learn about Crystals For ImaginationHave you heard about the many stones that may enhance your imagination?
  • Read April 2022 Issue #104

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March 2022 Issue #103

Ezine March 2022 103

What's In Issue #103

  • Learn about the different crystal colors and their meanings
  • Jet Stone: How will it help you?
  • Discover the Chakra Meanings - explained simply.
  • Did you know that there are crystals that create new pathways in the brain? Learn more about them. 
  • Read March 2022 Issue #103

February 2022 Issue #102

Ezine February 2022 102

What's In Issue #102

  • Crystals For Change and Transformation 
  • Learn about Garnierite, the green crystal pictured on the right.
  • Quartz Formations benefits 
  • Heard about Prophecy Stone? Read about this uncommon stone.
  • Discover Crystals For Money and Prosperity 
  • Read February 2022 Issue #102

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