A Question About Herkimer Diamonds

by Amyah

I have 2 big smoked Herkimer diamonds but saw nothing in your writing about them. Can you tell me, please, what are their properties?

Thank you


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Are They Real Herkimers?
by: Liz: Site Owner & Writer

My article on this crystal is about genuine Herkimer Diamonds. The name says it all, as they were named for the Herkimer County where they were discovered. There are some rare genuine smokey Herkimers but I haven't covered them on my site, as I have never actually seen one. I only write about stones that I actually have had in my hand.

My article does not cover the new stones that aren't really one of these crystals, but are a type of double terminated quartz that comes from China. Many of the Chinese stones are quite lovely, with a beautiful vibration and some are double terminated Smokey Quartz or Smokey Citrine crystals.

I have bought some Arkimer Quartz for using in healing and these are double terminated quartz crystals that closely resemble Herkimers in some cases, though not all. As well there is the very high vibration stone called Sichuan Quartz, and it comes from the area of China that is part of the Himalayas.

There is also a stone that is being sold as Herkimer Quartz, which I believe has nothing to do with stones from the USA, which is where genuine Herkimer Diamond originates. I have been told that this may again be Chinese quartz and I am not saying that it is not a lovely stone, as I have a few pieces of this variety of Quartz, as its a very beautiful crystal.

Sorry I can't tell you more, and I would love to hear more from anyone who knows more than I do.

Big genuine Herkimers
by: Helen

Hello from Herkimer county New York. There can be found herks on pretty big sizes too. They are not as clear as smaller crystals and they have some other mineral inclusions. I have 3 bigger size originals from trusted US seller. My babys are all self- healed! With beautiful rainbows.

One is slightly smokey and slightly golden healer.
Now I'm looking for a smokey but this is not so easy to find as smokeys really are rare. All my free treasures are with different characters and different energies.

Golden healers have really intense energy accordingly to the slightly smokey whose more soft. I can't compare them to the small clear gems because I dont have one but I truly love my big babys and they are amazingly shiny, clear with inclusions and beautiful.

I have in my plan to go digging them there by myself, to be the first person to greet them :) I'm sure that it is amazing to be the first person to touch one crystal :)

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