About Healing with Crystals

by Allison Evans
(Manchester, N.H.)

I have been collecting and working with crystals for over 40 years now and when I say "you just can't buy one" I mean it. Over this period in time, I have accumulated over a thousand, every shape and size of crystals and minerals. What a fascinating journey.

Since I was very young, my mother would find stones, rocks and crystals under my bed when she was cleaning. I would tell her the stones wanted to come home with me!

She would say" how do you know that?" I would tell her they told me so!! Even at that young age the beings in the stone knew I loved them and would take good care of them. I noticed that there were certain aspects to each stone. Some made me feel deep Love connections and others made me feel energy that simulated me from my hand down through my whole body.

Every now and again, I would just sit with a new stone and hold it and speak to it, and I would start to get feelings and images in my mind that told me they were trying to impart some kind of knowledge to me. I have advanced over the years, being able to just hold a Stone or Crystal and know their energies,they come into my biofield and I know what they need from me.

I went on to go to school for Crystal Healing and Audible Sound Therapy (working with Tuning Forks on the Human body). I work with Crystals in my practice with the Tuners. The crystals help amplify the audible sound frequency that goes through the body from the tuners and help heal their symptoms.

I'd like to Thank you Liz, for all the information you have here. If your page wasn't here, I would have to spend many hours setting up a crystal site to help inform people as to the influences Crystals and Minerals have on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual of human kind.

It's fascinating to me that the western culture is just now accepting this knowledge which the European and Asian ancient cultures have known for some time. Better late then never!!!

I love your website and I share it with many people who are interested in knowing more about the Minerals and Crystalline families we have on Earth.

Many Crystal Blessings, Ali Evans.

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