About Imperial Topaz I got today

by Cora

Do treatments impair, diminish, destroy or remove all healing and metaphysical properties from crystals? (Google is no help!!)

I bought online a gorgeous, large, heavy Imperial Topaz rod pendant, very saturated in honey color, & have been struggling to feel any energies at all, even after clearing it (damp cloth in pure spring water, white light and bit of sun)! :-(

Normally, I feel something right away but,in spite of its beauty, this rock leaves me indifferent.

After wearing it for several hours, I touched it and the base/tip is (leaving my fingers feeling quite) oily! I read some I.T. is treated with baby oil. Are the synthetic chemicals what is preventing me from feeling its energies? Is this useless so far as healing/metaphysical properties? Although it's gorgeous, I bought it for crystal therapy/spiritual work.

I am very sensitive to crystal energy and always get uncanny results when placing intention with layout on skin/chakras. Once, I received a(n untreated, opaque) heart chakra stone and everything fell apart, went wrong. I cleared it and its loving energies were instantly restored!

•••••Is there anything I can do to remove the oil (I assume it got filled/dipped in) and RESTORE ITS CRYSTAL ENERGIES??••••• Or is it now worthless for my spiritual purposes? (I wonder if it also was irradiated and am going to get health or other negative problems...)

The disappointing part is I was very drawn to it, as if it were calling me, and I manifested part of the money in 3-4 days after finding it; it's the most expensive nonessential I ever bought in my life, so it is way over my budget if it's useless to my needs. It's pretty but I hope there's a way to restore its energies. Maybe it wanted me so I can heal it first, is there a way?? (And is all I.T. treated like this?)

I apologize if this is not a forum; thank you so very much for taking the time to read and to anyone offering me your help and wisdom. If anyone has had results from (un/)treated, please let me know. Thanks.

Bright Imperial Topaz blessings and prosperity to you all. (PS: the captcha to submit this is Brazil, LOL! Hope there's hope yet!)

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In answer to one of your questions
by: Cecilia

Not all imperial topaz is treated. They really exist, but are so rare they're outrageously expensive when it happens in a high saturation. (And here we're talking carats).

As to your main question, I must admit I don't know, but since topaz meditation with some colors that are normally achieved through treatment is prescribed on many websites, I'll have to say that maybe they do retain power - what kind is the question. I have topaz among my birthstones, of a color I know is generally artificial.

So I never got around to buying any until one day a pink orchid jumped out at me (pink isn't part of the merchandising gamut). It looked so strange, as pretty as a morganite, that I bought it without higher expectations. Now I'm convinced it's a kind of seeing-eye stone. If it was indeed irradiated, the treatment might have been minimal. Of course it's worth next to nothing from the jewellers' point of view, but buyers are entitled to their opinions.

Some stones are heated (Brazil and Southeast Asia have the best stone cookers, and although I admire their skills, I still can't help perceiving horror stories in the package). Others are irradiated. Many topaz pieces are given a coating before the irradiation to produce desired color, but they don't usually drip afterwards. If it's superficial oil (as in normal emerald treatments), that's the least of your worries. It naturally comes off in time. Apart from that, modern irradiation techniques are guaranteed no longer harmful, and the certification labs assure us the old irradiated stones are off the market. (Okay, maybe they had no choice... pardon the skeptic in me).

Maybe it's going to be like people. When they stop trying to be standardly beautiful, you may finally see their inner beauty. Not the stone's fault, of course.

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