Absorbing Negative Energy

by Nichole
(Dallas, TX)

Hey there. My mom carries around loads of negative energy which she creates herself and absorbs from others, so much so that it's hard being around her for too long because of how it starts making ME feel, and it drags her down emotionally and physically.

I know of stones that absorb negative energy, but I'm wondering of what stones absorb the most, ones that can absorb abundant amounts.

And also what stones are good at blocking negative energies from other people since she doesn't understand how to use her energy to block it herself?

Thanks, Nichole

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Black Tourmaline!
by: george

Like your mum, and I presume like you, too, I was always absorbing bucketloads of negativity; but have worn a Black Tourmaline bracelet for the last 6 months and it's made a huge difference. I hope it can work for you as well.

Note From Liz:
I agree with you George regarding the Black Tourmaline, and while it also happens to be my favorite, I also keep Fire Agate on my body all of the time to send negativity back to where it came from.

If you or your Mother already have any stones that are on the psychic protection stones list, I suggest you might also like to add them. Trudy's suggestion to use Rose Quartz is also helpful, as this loving energy is very powerful. Amethyst is another stone that may also be beneficial and as Lisa on facebook reminded me, you might also find Kyanite helpful.

Love and light Liz

Rose Quartz For Absorbing Negative Energy
by: Trudy

Please have your mom carry a small Rose Quartz or buy a piece of jewelry with rose quartz. Hematite is good at deflecting negative energy and can also be found in jewelry.

My job has more negative energy than positive and it was wearing me down. I started carrying rose quartz and found it worked wonders. Now in saying that, there was always negativity around and it still affected me at times as it was overwhelming, but the rose quartz lifted much of that burden from me.

Sometimes I would just carry a small stone with me and rub it and would feel instantly better. I'm sure there are other stones that help too, but these are what worked for me. Just remember to cleanse the stones. I put mine on a crystal quartz before I go to bed, then place it on an Amethyst for energy.

Running water also cleanses the stones. Also tell your mom to reject the negativity that surrounds her. It takes practice but it can work. I smile at the negativity and it confuses others determined to spread it. And trust me, there are times I do not feel like smiling but it helps me mentally.

Instead Of Absorb, Transform!!
by: tree peters

I agree about Black Tourmaline... love tourmalinated quartz more than anything....
I have trouble with the concept of absorbing negative energy. I don't believe crystals do that. I do believe they can transform it and that is optimal.

They can draw it away from her and then transform it. I think you probably are calling the drawing away the absorbing... Still I think the way we say things carries intention.

So... transform.
Also, if there is any part of your mom that holds on to her negative energy (and I suspect there is) the idea of losing it may cause her to hold tighter. The idea of transformation might give her a way to relax and allow it.

I also think you should wear the same stones for protection around her. So that you don't absorb, but transform anything coming at you.

Try not to be around her when your energy is low. If your field is big and fluffy and energized, there won't be a place for her energy to enter.

I wish you love, and peace and good energy!! Your mom too.

Thank you guys!
by: Nichole

George, Liz and Trudy,

Yes I completely agree about black tourmaline. I LOVE IT! I wear a black tourmaline & quartz pendant religiously. I can't go more than a couple days without it, like if I take it off to clean it and forget to put it back on, before I start to get anxious and easily frazzled.

I've tried all the suggested stones with her, which DO work for me, but she's a tough cookie. Partly because I think she expects something to automatically happen and make her instantly feel better. She's very negative by nature, so it's hard to get her to understand she has to work WITH the energy and not against it. It's hard to notice something when you don't truly believe it can help.

I did a bunch of research and we both agreed on trying Obsidian. A Large Black obsidian for the apartment to absorb and transmute, a Mahogany Obsidian to wear, which should also help assist with blood flow and pain, and snowflake obsidian under the pillow for mental stress release. For now she's positive about the obsidian, so it's all I can ask for that she keep an open mind, and allow the stone energy to do it's job. :)

You guys are great!, Thanks again for the suggestions!


tree peters
by: Nichole

I completely agree with you. I do mean transform. And yes, I also believe that she holds on to her negativity because she's afraid of losing something or what she might or might not be, without it. She's been carrying it around with her her whole life, and it's only gotten worse since I moved out 12 years ago.

I've been talking with her about transforming it, but even though she's listening, I don't think she hears me. She says she wants change, but she holds on to her pattern for dear life. She's scared, I know. All I can do it give her suggestions and knowledge & books, love, ect., but SHE has to take the action to change things. She also has to believe it's possible. I went through the same thing, but I saw the light at the end of that dark negative tunnel. She'll have to find hers too in her own way.

I do wear my black tourmaline/quartz pendant when I'm around her, sometimes carry other stones like Jet or more black tourmaline, and when I get home, I tend to take a shower to get any residual energy off me. I don't let her "feed" off my energy anymore either, and you can see how/when it bothers her. She hates it when I don't get negative with her or agree with her negative thinking.

Thanks for your comment! :)

EFT Or Tapping May Help
by: Liz Oakes

Hi Nichole

I love crystals as you all know, but you can combine the use of crystals with EFT (also called meridian tapping) with excellent results.

EFT or meridian tapping is powerful to release trapped energy.

I found EFT tapping some years ago, and it made a big difference in how I was able to handle specific issues. Things that may have happened to you years before are often hard to shift from your energy field, and tapping is a powerful way to aid you to find the problem, and release it.

I think your choices for specific crystals have to be individual to you. I am glad you have found some crystals that you feel comfortable with, and those that you and your mother find best for you personally is the best way to go.

I trust that this will work for you both!

Love and light Liz

Can I Carry Two Crystals Together At The Same Time?
by: Juni

Can anyone advise me on this, I have a black tourmaline and would also like to carry a clear quartz crystal. Can I just carry them together in my pocket? I have seen some pieces where they are already combined but I have purchased them separately and would like to use both. I would really appreciate anyone's knowledgeable response. Thanks!

Yes You Can Carry Two Crystals Together At The Same Time?
by: Bev

Yes you can. They will help clear and protect you. Read up on the ones for specific conditions. I am currently wearing black tourmaline and a multi colored tourmaline necklace. I have just ordered ruby zoisite to wear also - a very powerful stone.

Wondering about the Black Tourmaline
by: Elis

Hi I read everyone comment about black tourmaline suggestion and I have to ask. Every time I wear a black tourmaline in bead necklace or black tourmaline pendant for protecting myself from negative energies from others or those attaching to me as I am extremely sensitive taking in other people energies.

I am known as empathy soul and I notice each time I wear black tourmaline for a day or two to a week I get extremely sick with migraine headache from wearing it.

I am trying to understand is this because it's too strong for me, where it doesn't resonate with my energies. Does it have something to do with negative energies around me? I am always around my family where the energies is very chaotic is what I deal with daily.

When I am not around them the energies I have is very harmonious full of light. As everyone who meets me always tell me I am like sunshine when I walk through the door, making others smile. Hopefully you can help me understand why black tourmaline does this, and what other stones I can wear to protect my energies from being drained and keep it at bay. Thanks

Kyanite, Rose Quartz
by: Jensi

A huge part of releasing unwanted energy effectively requires aftercare so the abusive connections have nowhere to plug back in. (Liken it to cleaning a cut & applying bactine, a bandaid & a kiss to make it better)

Kyanite acts like a maple tap removing anything that isn't naturally there. Gridding her bed with it would be absolutely key. When we sleep is a great time to dislodge things because there's less resistance. Rose Quartz then as a supplement (anywhere, but your mom sounds like heart & sacral are the triage areas) fills in the space left by all the icky energy with soft, soothing, nurturing energy.

The idea is that once she becomes reunited with things that feel loving, the things that feel icky won't be so enticing & she will be able to give herself the gift of saying, "You know what, I don't like how that feels anymore...no thank you." & that is really where the healing takes hold.

Clearing Negativity with Emotion Code/Body Code
by: Marsha G.

I was reading up on the crystals for absorbing fluorescent lights and I noticed this thread about the negativity between the mother/daughter. Someone explained about EFT and crystals. I felt that I should explain about another modality called Emotion Code and Body Code.

I am an Emotion Code Practitioner and it is a very effective modality for cleaning the trapped emotions and underlying causes for the negativity, fear, sorrow, etc. held in the subconscious. It can be done by proxy or in person.

You can see this a short sample of this process on YouTube. Clearing the Heart Wall alone can be life changing. I've worked with some very skeptic people who wanted to see instant results. This modality may not provide instant results but there are noticeable changes.


to Elis for Black Tourmaline
by: Armin

Hello. About your migraine headache,you should know black Tourmaline is associated with base chakra and if this chakra over activates it may cause migraine headache.

So Black Tourmaline can cause this problem. I suggest you to choose another stone for protection especially one associated with the higher chakras like amethyst...

May the God be with you.

Can one be too negative for a crystal?
by: Anonymous

I'm new to the use of crystals. I just recently got into them so I've been researching. However, I haven't found the answer to this question or seen anyone with similar experiences within 10 minutes of researching so hopefully I can get some insight here.

I bought a pocket size quartz crystal today and on my way home I had the thought pop in my head. Is it possible that someone can have so much heavy negative energy within them that it is too much for the crystal to cleanse and/or it can effect the crystal negatively when attempting to use it to cleanse yourself?

The best way I can explain this thought process is through analogy. It would be like trying to clean something so soiled with a bar of soap to the point where the soap becomes useless because there is too much filth, and/or the object is so soiled that it soils the bar of soap when you try to use the soap to clean it.

I'm not sure if cleansing crystals work thay way. If they do is this possibly why some crystals tend to disappear with no explanation? Would you just need to get a larger crystal to clean up larger amounts of negativity?

How to help for anyone
by: Anonymous

Does your mum read a lot about the occult because if she does she could convert negative energy from other people by connecting her mind with another's mind and change it for positive. I've done it before and my friends feel replenished when i do it.

It's good to do it with your own energy because dark energy can absorb light basically fighting fire with fire to resolve this problem. Another thing to learn is mind reading so you can learn about mind connection to help with dark energy.

Black tourmaline and rose quartz
by: Em

They are a good pair. Rose quartz absorbs negative energy and welcomes the love and positive energy. Black tourmaline is good for protection, it also absorbs negative energy but it transmutes it into positive energy.

Blue Agate
by: Anonymous

This woman at a meeting handed me a large polished blue agate stone I held it and wanted to drop it like it was fire as I could feel all the other peoples energy on it and hear a lot of voices. I then had a dream about her and this stone. Help!

Clearing Negatives
by: Michele

Hello everyone. I'm a clairvoyant medium and I'm going to tell you how to keep negative energies away from you and your home. To do this use a hand fan and starting for the top of your head in a sweeping motion sweep all the way down to your feet and do the same for your left and right arms.

Next to keep negative energies out of your home, use sage in every corner of your home you can also make your own sage incense. To do this add sage to a bowl add salt water and mix, if the mix it too watery add more sage until its thick, next shape the sage incense like a pyramid shape or till their is a point that will easy burn. I like to make my own and I smudge my place and my room before I go to sleep.

Hope you all try this and hope you all feel positive energies... blessings

Is This a Gift If Yes, Which Or Just Coincidences
by: Salena

Hi There,

Thoughts pop up in my mind and after some time it happens or my thoughts are related to something that is going to happen.

For Example:

1) A thought pops up that my sis is pregnant & after few days i get this news that she is pregnant.

2) I was doing something in my room & a thought came that my relative would come & scold me, after 2 mins it actually happened.

3) A though about a particular thing pops up in my mind & when i opened my game there was an offer of what i had thought.

There are few more incidences that has happened in a similar way. (Mentioned just 3)

I cant figure it out what is this?? Are these just coincidences or something else or gifts? (If yes, which gift is this) and where can I search for more information.

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Is it a gift. Its Intuition
by: Anonymous

You are simply psychic and clairvoyant. You angels or guides are literally telling you the future.

7 chakra bracelet
by: Rajesh

Hi all, jst saw the discussion on wearing stones for various benefits. I am wearing a 7 chakra bracelet which has 7 stones for balancing chakra and 7 stones which are black obsidian...just wanted to know if such kindly of stones work if you are wearing them and how soon they start working..I am a Reiki practitioner so I need to balance my chakras and protect myself from negativity hence the need for these stones along with black obsidian...been a month but not seeing any benefits so far...I believe they might work silently and chakra take time to balance as well....any opinions will be helpful...thanks

Negative energy
by: Anonymous

Hi. My mother in law is full of negative energy. Nobody is good enough for her. She always compares all members of our family with outsiders and we are never good enough.

Neither my father in law nor her both sons, even our kids are not good for her. According to her, the only sensible person in our house is she herself.

I just want to know that if there is any crystals/stone pyramid that I can keep in my house to remove negative energy and bring more positivity.

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