Black Tourmaline 

Protection Against Negative Energy

Written By Liz Oakes

Black Tourmaline Meanings Properties & Uses

Black Tourmaline has an energy that brings psychic protection and EMF protection.

This crystal is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds.

It is also a strong spiritual grounding stoneIt's wonderful to hold Black Tourmaline in your hand as it has such a positive energy! 

Many people, and I am among this group, believe this is the best protection stone that you can use.

This is one of the top stones to use to prevent psychic attack and it is one of the most popular crystals to be used for metaphysical purposes.

Also known as Schorl, it encourages optimistic attitudes as well as good luck and happiness, regardless of the circumstances that you find yourself in.

They are wonderful healing crystals for you to use as they bring relief from pain, boost the immune system, aid stress and arthritis.

These black crystals create a favorable approach to life and a positive mindset.

They are beneficial aids to both the professional healer and the average person who wants a stone that will be a positive force for good in your life.

Where Is It From? Meaning Of Tourmaline

The black variety of Tourmaline has been found in a large number of locations, including Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa and the USA.

It is also known as Schorl Tourmaline and using this name has now become more common.

While the black variety of Tourmaline is fairly common, some of the other types of tourmaline are not so easy to obtain and may even be called rare stones.

Black Tourmaline Meanings Properties & UsesBlack Tourmaline Crystal

This stone is easy to obtain, and it is definitely worth looking for as it an excellent addition to your collection for reasons explained below.

The name of this mineral is made up of two words, and of course we all understand the Black which relates to its color, but some people have wondered about the word Tourmaline.

The black variety of Tourmaline is just one of a group of different colored stones that all have a similar structure, yet its meaning is incorrect when you go back to the origin of the word. 

This word came from a regional term in Sri Lanka, based on the Sinhalese word "turmali", that referred to yellow Zircon.

This name has since changed a little to the current word Tourmaline.

It's use began due to a mistake, when a consignment of stone was sent from Sri Lanka with the label Turmalin.

For some reason they liked the name and began to use it and it stuck.

The structure and look of natural pieces of tourmaline are the same, regardless of the color.

This relates to the presence of vertical striations, ridges or furrows on the stones, and this is one way to identify Black Tourmaline in the natural form.

If you wish to use pieces to grid your house, you can get small rods, also sold as needles, and they are useful to use in grids.

Black Tourmaline NeedlesBlack Tourmaline Needles

Although it is known as the black variety of tourmaline, not all of the black stones are black, but are a very dark blue color, although it is hard to tell the difference.

You can get Schorl Tourmaline tumblestones, but they are hard to differentiate from other black crystals.

So many people prefer the crystals with the ridges or striations that makes them easy to identify.

What Is Black Tourmaline Good For?

Are you wondering what Black Tourmaline is good for?

Adding some Black Tourmaline crystals to the bedroom will aid you to regulate your body's electrical system.

Some time ago, scientists came out in the media discussing the issues around the vibrations emanating from electrical devices and cell phones.

The discussion centered around the negative effect on your body's electrical system from what is emitted from devices such as mobile phones.

The emissions from these devices cause many people to develop electromagnetic sensitivity.  

Keep this black stone on your bedside for EMF protection as well as for its action to protect you from psychic attack and to remove negative energy.

SchorlBlack Tourmaline or Schorl

Electromagnetic sensitivity is quite widespread as so many people now use mobile phones for many hours a day.

Many scientists recommend for that reason that you should try to have your nights rest in an area where you have as few electrical devices as possible.

While this is hard to do, it is a good idea not to sleep with your mobile device in the bedroom.

Keeping Black Tourmaline in the bedroom will help you to sleep better and wake more refreshed.

This stone is a powerful asset to your health, as it not only removes the negative energy but by changing it to positive energy it has an excellent effect on your well-being!

Healing Properties: Benefits Of Schorl

These stones have many powerful healing properties that some people are not aware of. There are a large number of health benefits of Black Tourmaline stone, including:

  • The energy of this stone is known to help you to release stress, and it is one of the most powerful crystals for stress relief.  
  • As both stress and anxiety is a health problem that is so widespread these days, we could all benefit from having a piece of this crystal nearby. 
  • It's energy may aid adrenal fatigue, as ongoing stress can both cause and worsen adrenal fatigue.

Buy Black Tourmaline at Exquisite Crystals, a most reliable crystal seller.

Tumbled Black TourmalineTumbled Schorl
  • This mineral is known to strengthen the immune system and to assist pain relief for arthritis.
  • Schorl is also reputed to relieve the pain related to spinal or muscular problems.
  • If you are prone to obsessive behavior, this stone is also a powerful ally to help you to disconnect from these activities.

Transmutes Negativity & Electromagnetic Smog 

Black Tourmaline will ground you quite quickly, so it is highly beneficial to keep a piece of this stone on you.

These rocks are helpful both for grounding and for protection from beings from the lower realms.

If you do a lot of spiritual work, are working on your spiritual healing or have strong psychic abilities and you use these abilities quite a lot, you may become ungrounded.

This is one of the stones that I always keep in my pocket or wear on my body as jewelry, along with a few others.

Black Tourmaline EggBlack Tourmaline Egg

If you acquire a small cloth bag, and many crystal shops sell them, you can put your crystals in your pocket easily each day, just so you don't lose them.

The good thing about this stone is that it does not absorb negativity, but changes or alters it, transmutes it, into positive energy.

This means it improves the vibration of the air where it is located. 

Cleansing Schorl

Some people have asked me about how to cleanse Black Tourmaline stone.

It is safe to rinse it under running water both to remove dust and if you think it needs cleansing of negative energy.

You can use any of the methods for cleansing crystals.

If you have it in an environment where there is an influx of electrical energy and EMF's or where there are lots of negative people, it may be beneficial to cleanse it regularly.

Although this black stone transmutes negativity, which may mean that it may not need cleansing to remove negative vibrations.

This may depend on how much negativity the stone is dealing with, and the size of the piece of rock you have.

Cleansing it would be helpful to make sure that the negativity that it is dealing with has not been too high for its size and what its doing to help you.

Who Should Use It? Chakras & Grounding

I recently got the Black Tourmaline Bracelet shown below as I have electrical hypersensitivity and wanted a metal free piece of jewelry to wear.

Bead bracelets made from Schorl work just as well as any other variety of this crystal, and they are powerful to assist you as they have so many healing properties.

Whatever type you buy, wearing it is very beneficial.

One of the best ways to use crystals like these is to keep a piece of this stone on you at all times. This is highly recommended!

Black Tourmaline BeadsBlack Tourmaline Bead Bracelet

These stones are excellent crystals to use for grounding you. Using them by holding them while doing a grounding meditation may be helpful, as these are a wonderful ally in the process.

These crystals are strong stones for the two lowest chakras.

These chakra are the earth star chakra and the base or root chakra, and this makes them powerful grounding stones.

These black stones channel an excess of energy down through the base or root chakra down to the earth star chakra.

This allows you to release an excess of energy that has caused you to feel unwell.

This is one of the most potent stones to use if you are feeling unwell, including feeling spaciness or other health issues caused by the need to ground yourself.

If you are not sure if you need to ground yourself, please read my in-depth article on grounding and see the symptoms of being ungrounded.

Find out... Are You Ungrounded?

Benefits Of Wearing This Black Stone

Lovely Black Tourmaline jewelry pieces can be bought, including nice pendants or necklaces.

Rough natural stones that are set in silver, and beads are also available. They are a birthstone for the Capricorn sign so you may find lovely birthstone jewelry containing this stone.

Black Tourmaline NecklaceBlack Tourmaline Necklace

Although Black Tourmaline jewelry is not as common as the other colors of Tourmaline, it is possible to buy very nice pendants made from the stone.

One of the reason it is not so common, is because much of this stone is not stable enough to cut into cabochons, but Australian stone is highly stable.

The solid and stable stone from the Flinders Ranges in Australia, can be cut into lovely checker cut pieces, like the one in the photo above, and they make beautiful pendants.

As jewelry made from these black stones is becoming more commonly available, these powerful black stones are now on the zodiac birthstones list.

Wearing Black Tourmaline jewelry may help you, as it can be advantageous to have piece on your body.

Black Tourmaline With Mica: How Will It Help You?

Black Tourmaline With Mica is an excellent stone to prevent psychic attack.

It you have this stone on you, when negative energy or ill wishes are sent to you, it is said to send the energy back to the person who sent it.

Black Schorl Tourmaline With Mica InclusionsBlack Schorl Tourmaline With Mica Inclusions

When this energy is returned to the sender, it has an effect on the sender and helps them to no longer wish to continue attacking you.

I know that there are stones that send back the negative energy, but this stone will not do that unless it has inclusions of mica in it, see the silvery inclusion in the stone in the image.

Many people are not aware that normal Black Tourmaline stone simply changes negative energy to positive energy.

But if it also contains mica, it will send bad feelings back to the person who sent it, allowing the sender to realize what has occurred.

The best stone to use to send negative energy back to where it was sent from is Fire Agate, so you may like to combine these together.

In these days when life is getting increasingly frantic, many people are feeling highly stressed.

A Black Tourmaline stone is a powerful aid to helping you to let of the negativity generated by the way we live our lives.

Why Would You Use It? Electromagnetic Smog

Black Tourmaline is easy to buy, and it will also act to protect you against psychic attack and negative entities.

You all have times when you feel negative, or when you encounter other people who are giving off vibrations that are not pleasing to you.

You all live with a lot of electromagnetic smog, including your televisions, computers and the large number of other electrical devices that seem to be essential these days, just to live your life.

What is the role of Black Tourmaline to aid the body to heal, including health issues related to electromagnetic emanations?

  • Schorl stones are strong EMF protection crystals that will purify the area where they are located.
  • A powerful fact about this black crystal is that it will suck up any negativity or disharmony that it encounters from its surroundings.
  • But it does not absorb it, but will transmute or convert the negative energy into positive energy.
  • This stone is powerful for healing and will strengthen the immune system and help allergies.
  • It is highly beneficial for psychic protection as well as for spiritual purposes, and may aid spiritual healing and growth.

How To Use It? My Final Thoughts

Once you have learned any of the easy methods to meditate, you may also wish to use one of these stones in meditation.

They will help you to let go of negativity and self doubts or any feelings of anxiety or negativity of any kind.

Having the vibration of Black Tourmaline stone stone within your aura for as long as possible each day is to your advantage, as they are good crystals for stress.

Wearing stones as jewelry is the easiest way to keep a piece of the stone on your body.

But if this is not possible keep a piece of Schorl in the room with you.

These stones are helpful to assist you if you have adrenal exhaustion, as they embody a useful energy that relieves stress 

Black Schorl Tourmaline PendantBlack Schorl Tourmaline Pendant

In summary: if it is not possible for you to have them on you during the day, it would be advantageous to at least have a couple of these stones in the bedroom.

Putting one of these crystals on your bedside or under your pillow is very helpful, as it will cleanse your etheric body while you sleep, as well as the room where you are sleeping.

Their action as crystals to prevent psychic attack is one of the highly beneficial attributes of this stone, and is another powerful reason to keep one nearby.

Crystal Books

There are quite a few new books that have hit the market lately. Some are very in-depth crystal reference books, others just worth reading.

I feel that any one of these books would benefit you when you have a specific question you need answered.

If you would to read reviews of my favorite Crystal Books Click Here.

You can read reviews of a large number of crystal books. I endeavor to update the page regularly, to include newly published ones there, if I have them and like them.

Best Crystals To Use With Black Tourmaline

What are the best crystals to use with Black Tourmaline?

There are quite a few stones that combine well with these powerful crystals.

This Black stone is an integral part of the process of keeping healthy, and may be combined with other strong grounding stones.

You may like to use it with Dravite aka Brown Tourmaline, Black Diopside, Black Spinel, Prophecy Stone or Ilvaite. 

This is an excellent stone to use if you have been having issues with muscle pain and are looking for relief.

But there are also a number of other helpful stones that you can combine with this stone to relieve your pain.

Specific stones that I can suggest to help muscular pain includes Spessartine Garnet, Fuchsite, Amber and Emerald stone.

If you feel you are suffering from health issues that are related to EMF's and suffer from electrical hypersensitivity when you are near specific devices there are quite a few EMF protection stones that will also assist your body to deal with this issue.

Stones that are have an energy that may help with healing this type of sensitivity include Aegirine, Fulgurite, Fluorite and Shungite.

You may like to use it with Black Andradite Garnet, as this is a strong earth chakra stone that may be combined with this black variety of Tourmaline, to create an excellent grounding effect.

It also combines well with any of the base chakra stones, including Smokey Quartz, Black Onyx, Sphalerite, Dalmatian Jasper and Black Obsidian.

There are quite a few other psychic protection stones that combine well with Black Tourmaline including Tourmalinated Quartz, Black Obsidian, Charoite, Zircon and the beautiful violet flame crystals, Purple Amethyst. 

These are all highly protective stones, that will be enhanced by the vibration of this stone.

Black Tourmaline Meanings Properties & Uses:Black Tourmaline Meanings Properties & Uses:

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