Amethyst Cluster Told Me That She's Spirit Amethyst

by Helen
(Finland / estonian )


I found her in the market and she just jumped into my hand and so I bought this beauty. In the evening she sent me to read about spirit quartz and showed her treasures out for me.

Any thoughts? Shes nothing like cactus but....
she feels so energetic with all her small points and also she has a lot of perfect triangle faces she's proud of :)

Thank you Liz sharing all this information with us !! Thank you !!

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Amethyst Spirit
by: Janice Suria

All crystals are minerals and they each contain spirits of the elemental realm, which are the angelic kingdom for the animals, Earth, nature and us. They very much talk to us all the time.

For days once I kept hearing "use Blue Jasper", Use Blue Jasper, and Blue Jasper was amazing taped on a water bottle with other stones.....what i do is leave the bottles overnight and dilute 90% with water, but I always tape the stones outside, cinnabar and magnesite and certain ones of course I won't use...., blue jasper is good with Moss Agate and Green Kunzite, I don't like using more than 3 on a bottle though.

I do however touch base with crystals when I hold them on my fingertips and gently touch them against a water bottle that I drink out of, within 40 seconds to 1 minute you'll feel some energy and it only gets stronger, I've seen video images, I hear intuition telling me this or that, it's very interesting.

My Ruby
by: Anonymous

Many of my stones have " memories " attached to them. Some are mine in other lives I suspect. Some are like you say entities. I have a ruby like that.

I was dreaming about it before I even got it, I had to look for it to make the dreams stop. When I go to bed with it near by, she has a lot to say and show me. When I hold it it becomes really warm, warmer then my own temp and gently vibrates.

When others hold it, it becomes cold again as if it was never picked up. It took me by surprise because I was a skeptic until then. Its nice to hear others are experiencing this!! It's a blessing.

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