Green Garnet

Heart Based, Boost Wealth

➤ By Liz Oakes

Green Garnet are not as well known as other colors of garnet and many are rare.

They boost the growth of wealth through their power to magnify manifestation and prosperity.

The family of garnets comes in a number of colors and the green stones are not as common. 

TsavoriteNatural Raw Tsavorite Garnet

All of the green members of this mineral group resonate strongly within the heart chakra, helping to enhance emotional healing.

These lovely crystals all have excellent metaphysical and healing properties and are all wonderful healing crystals for you to use to assist your intimate relationships

This includes both your family and friends as well as your close intimate partner.

Although they are all in the same color family, they have some differences in their energy and how they look. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Green Garnet Meaning

The meaning of Green Garnet relates to its strong energy to stimulate an increase in abundance and prosperity including the increase of wealth.

All of these green crystals also have a powerful meaning related to the fact that they embody a strong heart based energy.

Uvarovite Garnet is a strong stone to manifest money.Uvarovite Garnet is a strong stone to manifest money.

It's action to boost personal abundance applies to all levels of life as it is powerful to bring you an abundance of many things you desire.

This is not always about increasing material objects as also it brings spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

Note that this does depend on the actual Green Garnet variety you choose, see more about individual garnets in each category below.

How Will Green Garnet Help You?

Green Garnet is a strong aid to stimulate the attainment of wealth through its action to boost manifestation and prosperity.

Depending on the individual stones mineral makeup, they generally resonate strongly within the heart, higher heart and solar plexus chakras.

The solar plexus chakra is related to manifestation and to the acquiring of an increase of money.

Keep your stone close to you to begin the process, as they do not work quickly, but may take some time to take effect.

These crystals have excellent properties to help you emotionally and using them in regular meditation may assist both emotional and spiritual healing.

Using them in meditation has other benefits, as they are useful to assist you to connect more easily to beings in the higher realms.

This may enhance your spiritual growth and depending on the actual variety may boost psychic powers.

There are quite a few categories that these garnets fit into and although they are all classified as green garnet, they are different shades of green.

They also have varied minerals included, making them therefore have different properties.

The name of Tsavorite Green Garnet may also be spelled Tsavolite.The name of Tsavorite Green Garnet may also be spelled Tsavolite.

All members of the garnet family have a cubic crystal system and this is why they are classified as being in this mineral grouping.

None of the green garnets are common, but some are rarer than others.

List Of Varieties or Types Of Green Garnet

Here is a list of the varieties or types of green garnet:

  • Tsavorite is also spelled Tsavolite. It is one of the rarer green members of the Grossular Garnet family. 
  • Top quality Tsavorite is often expensive to buy and the best specimens are generally sold to make into jewelry but natural or raw stone and tumble stones are still fairly easy to obtain.
  • The more common Grossular Garnet is also called Grossularite. While it is said to be green, these stones are often a yellowish green color.
  • Grossularite is easy to obtain as tumbled stone as well as nice specimens with the well known cubic formation.
  • Uvarovite Garnet is one of the rarest members of this group, see more below.
  • Hessionite Garnet does occur with a green color, but it is very rare and is more commonly seen as an orange or cinnamon colored stone. 
Green Andradite Garnet is said to be a rare stone.Green Andradite Garnet is said to be a rare stone.
  • Green Andradite is a fairly uncommon stone and while Andradite may be green, Black Andradite is the most common color.
  • Demantoid is also a type of Andradite Garnet. It is also said to be quite rare with the bright vivid green stones being harder to obtain.

Crystal Tip: All of the above garnets are said to be fairly uncommon but some of the better specialist crystal suppliers will have them.

More about Individual Green Garnets


Demantoid Garnet is the brighter green variety of Andradite Garnet. It is also known as Green Andradite Garnet, usually when it is a more yellowish green shade.

The crystals healing properties may vary depending on its exact color, as this is related to the specific shade of green that a particular crystal is.

Demantoid Garnet helps to boost your vitality as it stimulates your metabolism.Demantoid Garnet helps to boost your vitality as it stimulates your metabolism.

It's energy may help you if you are particularly affected by the opinions of other people.

If this is your experience, you may benefit by keeping a stone on your body, and under your pillow.

The more yellowish or yellow-green Green Andradite Garnet crystals have slightly different attributes.

All colors will resonate within the heart chakra, and the yellowish stones will also resonate within the solar plexus chakra.

These are strong stones to kindle vitality, as they stimulate your metabolism and may assist your circulation. They also have a good role to help emotional healing.

It you are particularly affected by the opinions of other people, you may benefit by keeping a stone on your body, and under your pillow.

Grossular Garnet

Grossular Garnet is a type of yellow green garnet that is also called Grossularite.

It can be colored green but Grossularite is often yellow green but it can also occur in a number of other colors, including brown, red and yellow.

Greenish Yellow Grossular Garnet is beneficial to aid affluence.Greenish Yellow Grossular Garnet is beneficial to aid affluence.

It is a strong stone for abundance and prosperity, and the meaning of stones in this color range in the garnet family are all beneficial to aid affluence.

It is a very positive crystal for manifestation of wealth on all levels, emotionally, physically and creatively.

It has a strong energy for healing within a wide range of areas.

It has a powerful regenerative vibration, and is known to aid a range of physical problems, and works within the heart chakra, solar plexus chakra and base chakra.

Tsavorite Garnet

Tsavorite is a type of Grossular Garnet, but due to its rarity and beauty is not usually called Grossular but is known as Tsavorite.

This green garnet Tsavorite is a variety of Grossular Garnet, so why not just talk about it as another type of Grossular Garnet?

One of the major reason it is differentiated from Grossularite is its rarity.

In addition it is such a stunningly beautiful stone that it was named in its own right.

These beautiful green crystals have a strong energy to stimulate the growth of wealth and to aid manifestation of prosperity.

Like other green garnets have a strong resonance within the heart and higher heart, with a loving soothing energy that aids a more peaceful life.

They bring through a strong love vibration that encourages you to live your life with compassion for others.

They have a number of other good properties and are powerful when used in meditation as they boost psychic gifts including clairvoyance.

Uvarovite Garnet

Uvarovite Garnet is a green variety of Garnet, that can form as tiny crystals, or like the one shown here, can form as a layer on a matrix.

The meaning of crystals in the Garnet family all relate to their strong energy to aid manifestation.

Uvarovite is a powerful stone to stimulate the growth of abundance and to boost wealth.

Like most abundance stones, it is a strong solar plexus chakra stone

This chakra is also known as the power chakra, and this green garnet resonates strongly within this chakra.

The action of Uvarovite there is beneficial to stimulate self confidence, as well as encouraging you to embrace all that life has to offer.

In common with other green stones, it resonates within the heart chakra, and this may assist you to heal emotional problems.

By helping you to release any feelings that you do not deserve to have more, you may then be enabled to attract wealth and abundance into your life on all levels.

This stone is well known for its strong energy to bring you what you truly need.

Best Crystals To Use With Green Garnet

Wondering what the best crystals are to use with Green Garnets?

One of the more well known uses for green garnets is their well known action to boost abundance and the growth of wealth and overall prosperity in your life.

They do not work as quickly as some crystals, so it may benefit you to use them in combination with other crystals that aid manifestation.

Specific crystals to combine with them includes Libyan Desert Glass, Sunstone, Golden Tourmaline or Brazilianite. 

These green crystals have a good action to assist emotional healing, and for this purpose you may choose to use any of them together.

In addition you may like to combine them with other stones that aid the healing of emotional issues.

Other crystals for emotional healing includes Rainbow Obsidian, Chrysocolla,  Blue Hemimorphite or Green Diopside.

Using any of the green garnet group together will be advantageous, so if you have more than one type of them, combine them with each other.

More Pictures Of Green Garnet

Pale Green Grossularite GarnetPale Green Grossularite Garnet

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