Amethyst For A Nervous Habit

by Mai
(Cairo, Egypt)

I'd never really heard of crystal healing before, but while walking past this lady who was selling them near my class, one of the crystals caught my eye.

I am not that into jewelry or precious stones and this one was especially large and flashy, nothing compared to what I would usually buy. But something about it was beckoning me and I felt I had to have it.

When I talked to the lady she mentioned that it is Amethyst and it has properties for spiritual healing and addictions. Which is exactly what I need.

Purple has never been my favorite color, and I am a very "minimal" shopper, I hardly ever buy anything just because it's pretty. Although these stones are quite beautiful, that wasn't why I wanted them. The attraction was almost physical, I felt it in the pit of my stomach. I'd never had this feeling about an object before - only people - lol.

The synchronicity is that I have this strange nervous tick where I keep picking my lower lip all the time. I've had it for 10 years now and nothing has helped me stop. Not willpower, not meditation, not even homeopathy (yet!).

Anyway, I never really had a solid, deep intention to stop it - and although I always thought that it's a habit I would do anything to break, I only recently realized how attached to it I really was. Just considering letting it go made me sad and anxious.

What would I do without it? It had become a part of my being, so to speak. But as soon as I saw this in myself I was determined to find some way to stop it... and then out of the ether I was suddenly intensely attracted to this stone.

So, I now have the stone around my neck, dangling near my heart, and I have a good feeling that it might help me do this. I intend on letting you guys know how it goes along the way, because I have never really told anyone about this strange habit before. I know it's not life-threatening like drug addiction or as unhealthy, but it is still a limiting behavior and it saddens me to be under its control.

So wish me luck, send me some good vibes and anticipate a good news update soon... cause once this is out of the way and I have freed my energy of it, I am going to get a beautiful Rose Quartz to get me in the loving state of mind I know I am capable of ;)

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Good Luck
by: Trudy

The amethyst must have been calling you in your spirit and knew you needed it. I wish you all the luck with it and know it will help you overcome this habit and bring you peace.

As for Rose Quartz, it is my favorite and has helped me immensely by bringing positive vibes from otherwise negative people. When you feel this pull from a gemstone, it is meant for you, whether physically, mentally or for healing and peace.

Bloodstone calls to me and I have yet to know why, but maybe it has healed me in ways I don't even know about. I just wish I could have all my gemstones with me at all times. They are so soothing and make me feel good just looking at them. Keep us informed, please.

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