Another Pic Of The Amethyst...

by Jessica
(Lockport, Il)

I shared a story yesterday about an unusual amethyst I have. I was asked to give more close up photos of it. Here they are. I hope they help with whatever information you're looking for. Please let me know if you know anything. I'm super curious about this crystal!!

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Might Be Lineated Quartz?
by: Liz's Comment

Hi Jessica

I thought that it may have been Super Seven, but that was before I saw the new photos up close. So.... after having a look through Melody's encyclopedia, I think it could be a type of quartz called Lineated Quartz.

Melody talks about it in her book, and describes it as rectilinear, and that makes sense. Sort of like a a line and rectangle mixed so is that a good description for those sections?

Historically used by American Indians in ceremonies, vision quests, and it aided them to trace their heritage...correctly. Connects the physical to the spiritual. Dedicated to the Fox, bringer of rapidity and dexterity.

Lineated Quartz was used for spiritual journeying, very protective, and this makes sense as Amethyst is very protective anyway. These lines can be used to induce the hypnotic state and facilitate divination. Gives you a knowledge of right action rather than reaction.

So if this is what it is, this would make sense that it sent people to a state of other than being here and making spiritual connections rapidly. I am only going on the photos, but if you have a pendulum ask the question of it and use it to make a connection to the stone?

As someone else has said already, its best use is to use it to meditate with.... spiritual journeying? It looks like a really lovely stone, interesting how spirit sends us what we need!

Your journey has been like that anyway, things coming when you needed them, haven't they :) Liz

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