Any advice for my lovely obsidian?

by Michelle

Hi all! A few years back I bought this obsidian pendant necklace in Mexico City. I HAD TO HAVE IT. I bartered with the street seller and bought it at an impulse. This was approximately 3 years ago and I wasn't into crystals nor their healing properties at the time.

I wore my necklace all the time and one day it just fell and broke a little bit. So I stored it away thinking one day I'll get around to gluing it back but never did.

Now 3 years later, starting my small crystal collection I remembered I had this necklace. I now can tell that I was attracted to this crystal for some reason and maybe it's healing energies are meant for me, but I don't know if I should glue the broken piece off or not.

Any recommendations?!

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broken crystal
by: Denise

It depends how you feel about it, if you don't mind it slightly broken, leave it be, otherwise fix it. It will have no effect on its energies either way. If you no longer feel connected to it it may be that it fell because you no longer need it, it has already done the job it was meant to do. If I feel a crystal has broken because I no longer need it I retire it to the garden, plants love crystals, & the crystals enjoy the reboot.

Advice if it helps you
by: Neelam

Hello n Namaste

I am a crystal healer and a crystal wholesaler. Firstly, this crystal broke because it was not cleansed properly. If you like it very much then you can give it to someone who can polish it and give a different shape.......instead of gluing it.
Gluing wont work. Its just slightly broken and if you want it then go to a crystal manufacturer and ask him to give another shape.......I hope you are getting it.......reshape it a bit.

And the broken piece the small piece that is shown in the picture you can put it in soil. The best way is to put it back into the earth from where it came. One more thing, you can connect to the crystal too and ask what is best, communicate with the crystal. This depends if you are able to do so, but you can do this.

I hope this will help you.


Broken Obsidian
by: Lydia Pape

I can't wear Snow flake Obsidian, the minute I put it on I automatically get in a very bad mood, I take it off and I'm fine. I don't know why. I wear a lot of clear quartz, and on varies occasion, the have broken for no reason.

Once I had an argument with my supervisor and shortly after it exploded, all I was left was the casing. I went and talked to a Crystal expert. He said when that happens the crystal is taking the fall for you. In other words protecting you from something that was going to happen to you.

In my case the anger my supervisor had put out was trigger toward me, made the crystal break. I have some crystal angels that have pewter wings and the body is a crystal, I have had several break off for no reason. I have glued some that have broke on me, I feel they needed to get rid of excess energy or bad energy. They have worked out just fine, they heal themselves. :)

Broken Obsidian Angel
by: Anonymous

I recently purchased a beautiful black obsidian crystal carved in the shape of an angel. I dropped it taking it out of my pocket. The beautiful angel broke in three pieces with the head being the largest piece to break off. I am so sad.

Does anyone have any advice? I love my crystal and immediately thought I need to bury it. I can't glue it and I'm concerned what the meaning is of why it broke....

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