Aquamarine connection

by Crystelle
(Washington State)

This story is somewhat still in development. I bought a crystal for each chakra a while back and then did a ceremony of cleansing, energizing and introducing my crystals to my chakras. I felt the energy from every single one but what stood out the most was my Aquamarine. I obtained this crystal to use with my throat chakra. When I introduced this to my throat chakra, the energy between the two was intense.

Thick is a good way to describe it. As I moved the Aquamarine closer and then farther away I could feel the energy moving along with it as if it was stretching and then compressing. I moved the crystal up and down and it felt like a lightweight rope was connected between my throat and the crystal and it was moving right along with it.

I felt something similar with all of my other crystals but this was one was by far the most intense. I've been working on my base chakra so I haven't taken the time to explore why this might be. Some thoughts I've had are that my throat chakra is overactive or I just found the perfect crystal. Maybe it's both!

Either way, I look forward to exploring this connection because I think it wants me to pay attention.

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