Aura Quartz... sweet, fruity scent?

by Curious about Crystals


I recently bought a combo-Aura quartz and just got in the mail. I was just inspecting the crystal when I noticed a sweet, fruity scent.

Prior to that, I didn't smell any similar scent until I started doing some close inspection. Why am I smelling that? Is it normal for crystals to have scents?


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Tanzan Aura
by: J.N.

That's Tanzan aura quartz. Either that or Indigo aura quartz - I'm not sure of their difference, but it's tanzan aura I have.

That's pretty normal for them. I think the scent should be included in this site's description. It didn't take me long to notice the scent. It's part of the aura quartz' communication and bonding with you. I remember after I had received mine, I put them on a closet shelf. I woke up in the morning thinking that they're not healthy and they're adversive to my health because I was smelling them and no gemstone should be like that. Like it was poisoning me or something.

So I put them somewhere where they'd be away from me, and ended up coming back to them weeks afterward. I've adapted to them since. After about up to one month and a week of continuous exposure, I don't really smell them anymore.

Have a read...
by: J.N.

Here's what I once wrote about tanzan aura quartz

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