Becoming the Beauty – Amethyst

by Amy Shay
(Patterson CA)

I had a birthday recently and had a convenient list of crystals for my husband to choose from for gifts for me. He could choose what ever he wanted. As long as it was within the list provided. Hehe. At least I hoped so.

I begrudgingly put a pretty expensive amethyst from Uruguay as the last item on my list. My birthday came and he handed me a big bag and I thought it was a big quartz I picked out when I reached in I lifted out a ball of, yep, beautiful purple amethyst!

I couldn’t believe it! The best piece of amethyst I have ever seen. Perfect! There is no other bedrock or hardly other stone on it. It is all crystal. It’s the the size of a tennis ball with beautiful tall points of deep purple. Like jelly almost otherworldly. I have never seen anything like it.

I took pictures of it, held it while we hung out and watched TV, slept with it by my bedside, I could feel its buzzing in my hands. That’s one thing I’ve learned to do since meditating with crystals. I can feel their vibrations. Anyhow, I cleansed it in the sunlight. It was ready for the first meditation the next afternoon. I read up on it on Liz’s site that amethyst was used in ancient times to beat addictions and prevent inebriation. Also quiet the mind, remove sadness and dissolve anger. Etc.

The joy from the crystal was overwhelming. I felt it’s happiness immediately. It made me feel kind of drunk in a way with seems kind of strange, as that is what is supposed to prevent! I don’t know if it was psychosomatic, or just hat it is such a happy crystal vibration. But I felt inebriated and giddy for lack of a better word.

My next sensation from this meditation was that I wanted to be LIKE the crystal! I wanted to BE the crystal. Let’s see if I can explain this. I want the strength, beauty, fire, joy, happiness, power, and serenity of this beautiful manifestation to transfer its energy to me and transform me forever. I imagined myself as transforming into this frequency. That vibration I talked about earlier to move within me and program into each cell. It was so fun and it was so beautiful. This was not planned; a lot of times I see where my new crystals take me and I just go for the ride.

I’m so happy my husband got me this amethyst. I would recommend anyone that is feeling down or depressed looking to getting a piece of amethyst. You won’t regret this powerful and joyful experience. It is one of my favorites.

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I love amethyst!


I just saw your post about your beautiful amethyst.

I actually just got my first crystal this past Christmas from my husband and it was a beautiful ball of amethyst. I call her grandma because the crystal has such a calming vibration. I carry this crystal all the time. I feel the vibrations and the tingling in my hand. Now I have lots of other crystals but it's just something really special about amethyst. :-)

I'm so happy to hear you are having such a great experience with your crystal.

Also great idea about making a crystal gift list....I am so doing that! Haha :-)

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