Black Tourmaline & all things respiratory, no more 'claritin'

by Diane L

Black Tourmaline tip-technique. I saw this in an article, takes just 10 minutes, and it works great! It is for sinus, stuffy nose, really almost everything respiratory.

My friend does not need 'claritin' any more. She was using every other day. I no longer have any products for sinus, allergy, etal. I had one stuffed up nose, no good to go to bed if you can't breathe properly, so I used it for that, in 10 minutes it was gone. How does that happen?!.

If I sneeze (say 5 times in a row) and then you get that tingle in your sinus, so you would be off to take something, instead I do this. Undos the need to take anything. I caught the effect (one time) of it rolling it back like a antihistamine or decongestant. Wow! Have used dozens of times now, works 'every' time.

I have tested this as low as 39g, my personal stone is 51g because it fits my hand well. Instruction: Hold for 10 minutes (any questions?).

If you think you need to change hands you can (I don't need to). But hold in your hand for 10 minutes. THAT'S IT! Actually, you probably could just lay it on you (if your in bed)-- so I'm guessing touch skin. But test it in your hand, till you understand the miracle.

Warning: Set a timer (because after waiting several hours, only 4 minutes will have passed), AND (from experience) the magic happens in the last 2 minutes.

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