Broken Master Shamanite Black Calcite - What Should Be Done?

by Laurent
(Edinburgh Scotland)

Hello. Recently I have broken a master Shamanite (black calcite) in two pieces. Actually, I had 2 master Shamanites that I used in alternance. Both broke within a few days of each other. I had two as I would use one while the other would be cleansing and "resting".

I was using it for healing work. I was told by someone that when a stone breaks it is because its work was done and that I should return it to the Universe or to Mother Earth.

Firstly: Is this true? If yes, what is the proper way of return it to Mother Earth?

Secondly: I was told by someone else that it was a blessing and that I had multiplied my stones. Who should I believe?

I feel the need of getting a new Master Shamanite (unbroken) as I don't feel that the work started is completely done.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your help and comments. Laurent

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Broken Black Calcite
by: Whispering Peace

Hi, It is my belief that a stone/crystal is never "done" doing its thing. If you cannot find a stone, you just may not need it right now. Regarding if it is broke, return it to earth. This does not make sense to me. Aren't all rocks broken in one capacity or another?

I look at all the tumbled stones I carry, each one came from a much larger stone at one time. So, at one time it was broken off to reach someone who could benefit from the stone, rather than just one person. When this happens to me, I simply share the extra piece with someone who may benefit from it.

Rely on your instinct. What do you think you should do with this extra piece you now have? Ask the Angels to help you, possibly send you someone who could benefit from this stone. You will know who they are, they not show up today, but sometime tomorrow, and you will know without a doubt.

As always, take what you need and leave the rest.
May you find a little peace in my words.
Whispering Peace

Your Black Calcite
by: Liz Oakes

What Whispering Peace has said about your broken Black Calcite is just so true! I agree totally... as all crystals have come from a source somewhere and most were broken off. If you feel that your Shamanite or any other crystal that gets broken is a reason not to use it, most crystals would not be able to be used would they?

Maybe there was a purpose for all of this as was said already. Is there someone special who needs a piece? A friend in need? Alternatively maybe one piece may stay under your pillow as I have found my Black Calcite has an extremely comforting vibration. Funnily enough it was that I was concerned about mine breaking that I did not put it under my pillow, and sleep with it. Now that I have a new perspective on this I feel free to sleep with mine, although I already have lots of others under my pillow.

It gave you a message
by: Julie

When a stone breaks in healing work it is a message that it is done. It must be returned to the earth, even for a little while for its own healing.

Master Shamanite - Returned to Gaia
by: Laurent

Hello Julie,

I have returned my Shamanite and a few other stones that were broken back to Gaia and Mother Earth. I feel that is right to do that. Mostly that I was using them for healing and protection.

Shamanite Black Calcite
by: Anonymous

I would like to know where the person bought their shamanite black calcite? I have spent the whole day trying to find one, calling places out of state, etc. So if you have not discarded it, please let me know.

Master Shamanite Raw stones
by: Yolanda

I just bought a couple of Master Shamanite stones (Black Calcite stones) at Heaven and Earth Metaphysical Minerals and Jewelry, they have a website.

Broken Stone
by: Anonymous

There can be many different reasons why a crystal or stone would break or crack. One is that it has protected you from something negative, such as a lower vibration or a psychic attack.

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