Can You Have Too Many Crystals?

by Liz
(Healing Crystals For

Some Of My Crystals! Not A Good Way To Store Them!

Some Of My Crystals! Not A Good Way To Store Them!

Can you have too many crystals? This was a question asked by one of the visitors to my site recently. The other question she asked was: "Will they interfere with each other or enhance each other? Can you be energetically overwhelmed by having too many of them near you?"

She also said "A friend of mine claims that if she is by them for 10-15 min, in a shop that sells them, she starts feeling weak/faint so she can't be near them for very long when there's a lot of them - - psychic gifts are in her family and she thinks she's just sensitive to the power of the stones..."

After thinking about this question, I wondered how many other people were wondering... can you have too many crystals? So I thought I would open this up to your comments and ideas on how you deal with having lots of crystals, if like me, you have a very large collection.

I will tell everyone later on, how I cope with this problem, and yes it can be challenging, especially the high vibration stones, but first I'd like to hear your ideas on how you handle this.

Oh and by the way... the photo above is not how I keep my crystals, it was just my husband playing around, he's my photographer LOL!

Thanks in advance! Love and light Liz

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Too Many Crystals?
by: Nichole

I have a lot of crystals too and have wondered the same. I have about 21 Rough/natural/free form crystals on display in my art studio, and the rest are either in a velvet lined wooden box, or my smaller crystals and or tumbled stones are in plastic storage containers, like for beading materials.

I haven't noticed an overwhelming feeling with them. More than anything I'm attracted to them and want to see them all the time.

How many is too many?
by: Denise

I have sooo many crystals and mineral specimens. I keep some at home jumbled together in a plastic container and rotate the ones I carry with me. I also have some at work - a few I use as paperweights, but mostly in a container in a desk drawer and just bring a few out to "play" at a time.

I have heard that they can pick up energy from each other, so I wonder if I should keep them more separate. I have a piece of dogtooth Calcite I rest them on for cleansing - also a big piece of Selenite.

I can't imagine not adding to my collection in the future, as I seem to be addicted to them and usually add one or two a week. I don't seem to be particularly sensitive to their energy - in fact, I would like to become more so. Is it possible having too many is interfering with that?

Too Many Crystals
by: Anonymous

I have a lot of different stones and I to have good and bad feelings depending on which stones I put together and some of my stones even give me a heavy feeling when wearing them. I have even read some articles that say not to use certain stones together.

Am I putting together stones that are causing an adverse reaction for me or am I just overly sensitive to certain stones or combinations of stones.

Crystals in the Eye of the Beholder
by: Colleen

I feel that we tend to follow our higher guidance, in whichever way it is received by the individual. Whether it’s a particular beauty that strikes us, a great feeling that we get when we hold it, or of course the strong recognition of the specific energetic flow of that crystal or combination, we are all drawn to different and specific crystals for one reason or another.

So, when we feel drawn toward a particular stone or crystal, I believe it has its particular function in our energetic field. In the same way, if we are drawn to expand our crystal collection, then that is our guidance that we should.

If you feel a resistance, or a feeling that doesn’t feel good or resonate when you handle a particular crystal or combination of crystals, then it would be in your best interest not to use that crystal or combination… at least in that moment. At a different point in time and energy flow, you may suddenly be drawn and resonate with that particular crystal or combination of crystals.

I’ve noticed in my personal experience that sometimes my crystal collection expands so rapidly, in my excitement and joy of this new found world of tools to help me on my journey, that I begin to feel overwhelmed. So then I decide to wait to buy any more until I have found ways to utilize and/or organize what I have already acquired.

Then as I feel comfortable again, I can begin to add and expand my collection. Again, I rely on the way I feel, in what I relate to as my wonderful universal guidance. That includes crystal variety, quantity, crystal utilization and combinations, as well.

If it feels good, then you’re in line with your energetic flow. If it feels bad, your guidance is letting you know that wouldn’t be serving your higher good at that moment.

Ask the angels to help you pick your daily crystals
by: Anonymous

I ask Archangel Raziel in meditation to help me pick my daily crystals by using a Rose Quartz pendulum. Be sure that you have grounded and protected yourself before using a pendulum. I always ask Archangel Michael for protection before I ask Raziel to help me pick the crystals by rotating the pendulum over the crystals I should carry in my pouch for the tasks I am to achieve that particular day.

I spread my crystals on the table (I have quite a few of them), and hold the pendulum in my right hand and carefully pass it over the crystals. Generally 5-10 crystals are picked this way. Always remember to thank the angels for their help.

New To Crystals
by: peggy

I am new and have about 8 stones I carry in a velvet bag. I originally became interested in crystals to help my chronic insomnia. Amethyst and lapis lazuli have helped my sleep tremendously.

I carry them with me at all times and have noticed I am exhausted by the end of the day. Maybe I should leave those two stones at home?

by: Jack

I have a lot of gemstones myself but I spread them around my apartment. I use feng shui to help me decide where to put them. As far as I can tell I do not feel overwhelmed or notice much of anything from them. However, I have wondered if having many would be a bad thing.

I noticed that some people who come over do not want to hang around for long. Of course though I feel those people are very negative of the sort and always felt that the stones were reacting to that negativity.

Do your research and use your intuition
by: Joolz

Hi All. I have hundreds of crystals (my babies) around my home, gridded around my bed, on my window sill, beside my bed and put away alphabetically in organza bags in drawer towers.

Depending on what you want from the crystals or what they want to teach you with will determine which ones you pull out. I employ the following method which has served me very well when I was just starting out with these magnificent beings.

1. decide what it is you need, for example, grounding.

2. look up or ascertain ALL the crystals in your possession that have grounding attributes. Write a list.

3. gather all these stones together on your bed or table and pick them up one by one.

4. as you are holding them, either look up the attributes again ( or use your intuition, depending on how active it is), tune into the stone and read everything.

5. some stones are better at grounding than others, look for words like "an excellent stone for", "powerful grounding attributes", if the phrase is "most helpful in", or "may assist in" put it aside as it is not the strongest one for this purpose.

6. Look at ALL the other attributes of the stone as well, for example Kyanite has high spiritual vibrations as well, and even though it is a great grounding stone, if you are not ready for that just yet don't use it.

7. Jot down next to the initial list the grounding attributes and 3 other attributes that speak to you, that relate to the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the stones.

8. when you have done this, look at your list and connect the stones that have all 4 attributes that are similar in these areas and use those to start with. that way you wont get ANY confusing energies and the grounding will work more effectively.

9. of course once you have tuned into your stones and know them, i have found this process unnecessary, but it is a good way to alleviate any fear, doubt or concern you are doing the wrong thing if you are just new to the crystals or have acquired a batch of new babies.

10. if after 3-4 days I feel it is not "right" or not effective I go back to the drawing board until I get it right.

11. the most important thing is to remember your INTENTION and have faith that the stones, the divine source and all that is will guide you.

Unconventional Storage
by: hotgoddess

I have so many stones, and I've found that the best way for me to store them (because I hate plastic ANYTHING!) is by using shot glass display cases. The little wodden compartments are perfect and they stack easily - I don't hang them up, but keep them in my dining room so that I can see and touch them easily.

I'm addicted to them, too!

Too many, too soon!!
by: Rachel

I discovered the wonderful world of crystals a few months ago and fell in love with a few particular pieces, particularly Lemurian Seed. I got a windfall of money today and stocked up because I thought it would be fun! And I'm addicted.

I came home with 3 lemurian crystals, clear and rose quartz, and selenite. Too much!! I had to move them in the other room because I'm vibrating so hard. I SHOULD have gotten some grounding crystals mixed in, and bringing that many at once has sent me reeling.

I'm probably not ready, spiritually, although I'm sure I can work up to that point. I'm confident that I'll work up to being ready to that many high vibrating crystals someday but for now I'm feeling ill. I also can't sleep (literally!) if certain crystals are in my bedroom. You all just validated that I'm not the only one!!!

PS my electronics are all acting wonkier than usual!!!

Ground Yourself To The Earth
by: Liz - Site Owner & Writer


I understand where you are coming from, so may I just suggest that you get your bare feet onto the earth.

Even if it is cold get earthed... its the easiest and fastest way to ground yourself.

I ground to the earth every day... it has many many benefits for your health, and once you are feeling ungrounded it may be the only way to fix yourself quickly.

Its always a quick fix when you don't have grounding stones. All the best Liz

Intense Energy
by: Flower on Fire

I have loved stones and crystals my entire life. I used to play with the marble rock from the landscaping lol I've always been drawn to them, but just really started learning more about the metaphysical the last few years. I've also been precognitive since at least age 3, always in dream form until extreme emotional distress the past year. I could go on about that, but my point is to be how sensitive I am.

I've had to do regular smudgings, at one point actually felt afraid in one part of the house. Anyway, I recently started meditating, and actually feeling the energy all of the stones and crystals have, and purchased quite a few in the last couple of weeks after moving. I was cataloging and grouping them, and when I finished I leaned back against the table they were on, so they were directly behind my head, and it was completely overwhelming energy.

I didn't feel bad, but a little disoriented and overwhelmed. As soon as I moved, it stopped. I get vibrations from all of them individually, at least a dozen very strong, and they were all in a 4 square foot area nearly touching my head. I'd never experienced that much energy before.

Also, a new piece of pyrite makes me sick as soon as I hold it. I'll store what I'm not using or displaying in wooden boxes by groupings. But I do like the shot glass display idea.

My Reaction when I'm near crystals.
by: Butterfly

I have always loved and had a fascination with crystals. I had purchased only small pieces in the past, more like pocket stones but now I have a small collection of bigger pieces. Recently I went into a crystal shop that had many crystals. They had very large pieces and I stood in front of all of them, admiring their beauty. I felt ok,

I'd say I was in the store for about 30 minutes. After I made my purchase I stepped outside and then it hit me. My daughter was with me and I said to her I didn't feel right. I felt my body shaking inside, vibrating and it was very strong.

When I moved away from the store it slowly faded away and I began to feel better. When I sit now in front of my crystal I do feel their energy, but nothing on the magnitude of that day.

Energy Sensitive
by: Lee

I am empathic and quite sensitive to energy. I have just learned that my daughter has over 10 crystals surrounded by a candle for creativity in her room in my home. Which would be fine, but I have been not well and have had freak accidents over the past 2 years. I did not know she had these.

At the risk of sounding off, but .... do you think that having a lot of crystals in only one room or Or affect another person in the home if they don't know of the crystal\ can draw energy from the rest of the home? I don't even know which ones they are. I asked her to remove them.

It's what you seek you will get
by: ANKUR singh sachan

I am from India and some how spirituality is rooted deep inside of me, from my mother's side I believe.i am new to crystals too.but don't attach yourself too much to crystals and gather lumps.

From Newton law of forces Gm1m2/r^2, the bigger the mass the bigger the vibration the bigger we can acquire. I would personally feel absorbing (having the feeling of it) radiations from the ocean and the Himalayas near me it or asking the sun directly.(you may laugh at me) but if u believe in crystals this got to certainty true.

Buy a set of crystals just don't make a heap of it seek energy from surrounding near you. himalayas, Indian ocean are nearer to me. You may seek power from Andes or alps.

Bottom line:
You have to just believe intensely that you are acquiring power from will surely happen.
Just don't limit you power seeking medium.

Thou it's irrelevant but just having a feel of absorbing energy from above stated things. My sleep time reduced from 9-10hrs to straight 5-6 hr.there are other effects too.(just too much text)

by: Anonymous

As a lover of crystal I actually became anxious because I always felt like I needed more. so far now I am content with what I have. there are crystals that relate to others, and have similar meanings. I don't like feeling overwhelmed so the healing crystals I have is enough for me, I don't think I need anymore

Topeka gem and mineral show
by: Anonymous

I went to the topeka gem and mineral show yesturday and when I left there I was so tired or drained and still feeling it today. There was soooo many to look at. But I think it was too many for me to be around. I browse what everyone has then go back and get what I want. It was extremely hot in the building too.

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