Childhood experience

I had an experience at 10 years old that has stuck with me til this day. My grandfather always had crystals and books about how to use them among various other paranormal literature. He was a scientist with a very strong interest in Egyptology, crystals, UFOs and mysteries. I would play with his crystals without permission, and try to meditate with them, after reading a book on how to access the guides within.

One day I was sitting quietly on my bed holding a clear quartz crystal meditating. I was visualizing climbing a spiral staircase as the book explained, which was very easy for me as Grandfather's house had a spiral staircase.

With every step my trance got deeper and deeper and I began to lose control of my limbs and become paralyzed. As I approached the final step I got a flash of white light and started to panic! But I couldn't move and I felt like I was trapped in my body. As I began to wake from the trace my feeling came back to my limbs and I could move.

I rushed to see my Grandfather to tell him what happened but I was talking a million miles a minute and he couldn't understand what I was talking about.. I wasn't allowed to touch his crystals after that but he seemed curious about what I had experienced.

I have tried since then to have a similar experience but I never can. I wish someone could explain what happened to me.

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Childhood Exp. Reply
by: J.N.

You had a metaphysical experience...
They say clear quartz is one of the strongest and purest for such...
And it's pretty typical you not have the same experience twice.

Your problem might be this
by: Anonymous

I am from India. I read that the super-conscious experience happens when and where all our reasoning end. Those people who are in higher state of meditation practice say that the moment they start reasoning the spiritual experience ... it goes.
Solution is meditate regularly, with complete surrender, without reasoning.

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