Could It Be Golden Herderite?

by Tera
(Orange, Tx USA)

It is crazy that I have been finding these rare and high vibration stones around my land. Especially when they say they are from India and other countries far from Texas where I live. My question though is how to really know if it is a certain stone just by the looks of it? So many different variations of one stone identified as a certain one could look so many different ways.

My next question is about these stones I found around my home which are light to medium gray and to the unaided eye look just like plain old ugly gray rocks that one would cover holes up in a driveway. But I felt they where more than meets the eye.

The problem though is getting the many years of lime or clay or what some rockhounds call the outer matrix off. I refuse to use the chemical methods proposed by some online. However I did try using white vinegar and it worked, but only enough for me to see beautiful crystal pieces that were different shades. There is something amazing under there for I have seen the little piece on each one.

The problem is the stuff is so hard to get off, any thoughts on this or suggestions on this matter?

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by: Anonymous

Did you try to get a hold of a local mineralogist? Perhaps a college or university? Sometimes gemstone/crystal shops may have chemistry lab to id this sort of stuff.

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