Crystal Healing - A Different Perspective

by Kate Kelly
(Bognor Regis)

The majority of crystal healing courses, books and magazine articles teach that crystal healing should be conducted by the laying on of stones on to the body and that just by carrying the stones and using them in therapy sessions healing will occur.

In my practical experience of working as a crystal healer there is much more to understand about using crystals in healing that is not always taught but is the most essential part for crystal healing to be of real help to people.

Crystal healing is an ancient healing art practiced by American Indians, Egyptians, Atlanteans and many other ancient cultures. The ancient teachings have been passed down by word of mouth and it was not until 1997 that Luc Bourgault (Blue Eagle) felt compelled to write his book ‘The American Indian: Secrets of Crystal Healing’ to try to stop people misusing crystals and causing more harm than good.

As Bourgault explains before working as healers we must first work on ourselves and learn respect for the living beings of crystals that we are working with. Crystal healing works with universal energy that can be directed for good or bad depending on the intention of the healer directing the energy.

If we are not self aware and clear channels then we can unintentionally direct harmful energies through the crystals. It is essential that we work on a path of self development, healing and self awareness before we begin to practice crystal healing.

Respect is also needed for the Universal energies we are working with and the living energies of the crystals themselves. Crystals do not perform healing on their own and if we wish to use the energy of the crystals we must work in partnership with the crystals and show respect.

We do this by raising our own vibrations through spiritual development and ensuring we cleanse ourselves and the space we are in. A simple ceremony of respect for the crystals and the universal energies should also be conducted before healing begins. After healing treatment we should always remember to give thanks to the crystals, mother earth and the universal energies.

During the healing rather than laying the crystals on the body the crystals should be cleansed and programmed and then placed in the energy field of the person. A crystal wand can then be used to connect and direct the energies between the crystals and the person’s energy field and energy centres.

Although the crystals are a physical form we are essentially working with the energy that is directed and amplified by the crystals. Crystal Healing is an extremely intuitive healing art and so books should only be used as a guide to the type of crystals used and the way they are laid out. We should be willing to change this if our intuition guides us to do so.

Bourgault also explains in his book that we need to fully understand the fundamental laws of healing and programming of crystals before working with them,
* unconditional love,
* intention,
* non-attachment

Unconditional love gives openly without needing anything in return. This love is also given because of compassion to help others but not because of feelings of pity.

Unconditional love remains detached and does not become embroiled in the outcome no matter how severe the suffering. Unconditional love comes through understanding who we really are and that we are part of the whole, understanding that we must love ourselves as well as others and give the love that we wish to receive.

We must become the embodiment of love and gain an understanding of the true meaning of sacrifice, that what we willingly do for others, we do for ourselves. Non attachment means that we do not have expectations for the outcome of the healing and that we understand the person is responsible for their own cure; the healer is merely a channel or tool and facilitator in the healing process.

Our intention in healing should not have expectations for the outcome, which is not within our hands but in the hands of the person. They will not heal if they consciously or unconsciously block that healing. When directing our intention for healing through the crystals we must request the healing but not specify how the healing should happen. Physical illness is the physical manifestation of blockages in the energy field caused by negative emotions and thoughts, these energy blockages can be cleared but will come back if the person does not work on becoming aware of these negatives.

My own experience of healing with crystals has shown all of the above to be true. People experience the healing through changes in themselves, their environment and situations. Within the next few days of the healing treatment people feel that things that were so stressful to deal with before suddenly seem much less stressful and difficult.

They are forced to face situations they have been avoiding, they feel more positive and physical symptoms ease. When put into practice, the respect and self development along with following the three fundamental laws of healing, working with crystals becomes an amazingly powerful healing practice!

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Thank you for sharing
by: Cecilia

You're confirming things I've come to believe in after so many years.

Too many people strive to control the environment without considering they are the element in it that they best control. And that they have a right to make their own decisions that they must be careful about.

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