Crystal on the back heart chakra

by Milan

Crystals were always my obsession and great love. I have horehounds of them, because I have collected them for more then 20 years.

My favorite ones are water clear petalite, nuummmite and pnenakite (water clear naturally terminated only), but I like to wear dravide, bronzite, kunzite, yttrium fluorite and many others.

After so many years I started to feel a strong desire to wear some crystals on back heart chakra, beside my shoulders. I tried a few times and I felt a great difference which is really hard to explain.

Have you got any comment, suggestion or experience with this topic ( BTW, I couldn't find anything about that). I really admire your WEB site!

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by: Lucy

How do you wear them round the back? Just wear them on a chain?

Back heart chakra
by: Milan

I wear my yttrium fluorite/petalite pendant (on the chain) on my upper heart chakra (almost all the time). Few times I had to switch the side and turned my pendant (on the chain) on my back side. I didn't expect anything to happen, but it was a quite unusual experience.

Thanks a lot, Milan

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