Crystal Story About Stonehenge Blue

by maz
(northunberland uk)

I haven't bought a crystal in a long time as nothing seemed for me. A friend of mine is being very fake and telling lies. I don't know what to do.

Weather to let it go or say something about it. Yesterday I was out shopping, looking over a stall not at anything really and a crystal seemed to be waiting for me. Picking it up, I felt a strong vibration so I bought the stone.

It was sold as a Stonehenge Blue. The stall holder couldn't tell me anything as the other owner did the stones but was off that day. I looked on your site and was shocked to find its healing uses. Not sure where to go next but hoping it will help me.

Any advice????

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About crystals in general
by: Milan

Crystals are my passion for more then 20 years. Only once I was privileged to meet with one deeply spiritual person and when I was at his house I could see many not so good looking stones - no quartz crystals, rare crystals, just rocks.

He told me that in each of them is a spirit and it's all just a matter of personal feeling. If you are strongly attracted to your stone, I am sure it's the right one :)

Use your stone for every reason you want I am sure you would be surprised. Explanations you can find in books and the Internet sites are very useful, but trust your feelings only. I have so many rare and expensive crystals, but only one - plain river stone I found by strange incident ( I guess it's mostly iron based) is really alive.

by: Cora

Try a meditation to link with the stone and have it reveal its purpose to you. Once in alpha waves, (breathe deeply and slowly but naturally and comfortably, to achieve the alpha brain waves state) you could link a white light from your heart into the stone then back from the stone to you, absorbing its loving energies and stating your intention to be receptive to its gifts and messages.

You can place it with skin contact either on your heart on third eye chakra, then imagine the white light from the crystal entering your 3rd eye and mind.

Then thank the stone sincerely and happily, and shortly after connecting, you should get insights or messages. (Mine happen during the day, in the shower, even during the skin contact relaxation.) Repeat as needed. Of course, cleanse it first. Liz has some great pages here on both cleansing and meditation, as well as programming your crystals.

Have fun, this crystal found you for a purpose! :-)
Hope this helps. :D

Lucky you!
by: Cecilia

I went to Stonehenge and the only stones they were selling at the souvenir shop were already set in silver. They came from the original bluestone site in Wales. Somewhat pricey for the size, I thought.

The druids were reputed to have built their henges along geomagnetic ley-lines, with the stones marking "nodes". You just may have acquired the stone-age equivalent of a cellphone...

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