Crystals Amazing Energy Storage!

by Kate Kelly
(West Sussex)

I recently attended a workshop on the Tree of Life and it was held above a crystal shop in one of their meeting rooms. In the room were huge quartz crystals which were amazing. I could feel their energy vibrating as I came near them.

As we began our meditation on the Tree of Life we started in Malkuth and worked our way up through the temples. Normally I have to really work to visualise the temples that are held in the ether but this time they just appeared before me with no thought or effort.

The energy of these temples was held in the crystals in the room which made the meditations extremely powerful!

This is the amazing power of crystals. I am now trying to collect some large natural crystals to continue to work with as I know that the more I work with them the more they will hold the energy and help me. Once you connect with and experience the energy of crystals there is no going back.

You either see or feel this energy and it can aid in meditation, visualisation and healing. I also created a chakra cleansing, balancing and healing CD which has become very powerful. When people listen to it they can feel the energy in their bodies.

In a group meditation I was able to feel the energy come down and connect with each person. A friend of mine saw the threads of healing light come down and connect with each person. Using crystals with this meditation makes it even more powerful and holds the energy which can be continually used and becomes more powerful each time you do it.

Kate Kelly, Crystal Healing therapist.

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