Crystals Are Living Beings

by Eliora
(Oregon, USA)

First of all, Liz, once I found your site I use it exclusively for learning and I want you to know how your crystal work is appreciated. I have been studying and working with crystals for over 30 years!

This story begins at a Gem & Mineral Show in Santa Cruz, California. There were a lot of dealers with expensive displays. Then I found an elderly man who was a genuine rock hound. He was very kind and was only asking a dollar for his crystals. They were big enough to fill my hand. About 6 inches long.

I picked out 2 that were very cloudy, almost white colored ones. And this is where the story gets interesting: We intuitively put them out on our balcony. And left them there for 7 years!

We held them and acknowledged them every time we went in or out of the apartment. They were rained on, and got lots of sun because it was the Monterey Bay with its Mediterranean climate. They were out in the dark under all the phases of the moon. They sat through our foggy days.

One time I heard a noise and saw a baby raccoon lying on its back with one of the crystals in its paws, playing with it! So with all of this elemental exposure and our compassionate consideration, guess what happened to our crystals?

They became CLEAR. They are shining not cloudy now. They catch the light and their energy brings us home, since sadly, we had to leave Santa Cruz after living there most of our lives.

There have been people I've told this that don't believe it until they see them. My lesson in this is: it is not important to buy perfect-looking crystals. They are living beings! It's truly how you live with them and their adventures living with you. This is what the true beauty of crystals means to me.

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I have found this also.
by: Joanne Klemstein Stoll

Have you ever slept with them so they can download information while you sleep? They can do that also!

Crystals keep me well
by: Larry Jamison

I wear a quartz point and a Amethyst point 24/7 and credit them with keeping me well. I even posted a video on my U Tube Channel about the changes in our Electromagnetic field noted in the "Book of Stones" which actually results in creating a third vibrational field though the laws of resonance. This constantly enhances our immune system.

I recently read that Amethyst also emits negative ions which removes toxins from our lungs which is the reason why I never get colds. Oh I did get one cold in March that lasted 4 days and one more at the end of July 1919 that lasted 2 weeks. No longer can colds run their course over a period of a Month or more!

Wonderful comments
by: Eliora

It's good to be with other crystal journeyers with their crystal companions! I feel we should share our understanding about these living beings. Liz, your work with healing crystals for you has brought such beauty and truth for all! Thank you and crystal blessings!

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