Crystals for stress/anxiety/depression

by Mallory
(Arizona )

I've been going through a really stressful time at work in the past couple of weeks. The company I work for is going out of business and customers have been extremely rude, yelling at employees and even throwing merchandise at us.

I have anxiety and depression (and possibly aspergers, which makes everything worse) so I've been having a very difficult time coping. I'm always exhausted and don't even want to go to work anymore.

I've used crystals in the past and I have a fluorite worry stone that I love and always carry in my pocket. I decided to make a crystal necklace to help me handle the stress. I'm using lepidolite and labradorite beads for the strand, but I'm not sure what to use as a focal bead. I've been considering onyx, though I'd prefer to use danburite if I can find it at a good price.

Any suggestions or additional stones I should look at?

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by: Anonymous

Fluorite is my absolute favorite energy stone, it has always worked best for me. As I am a lover of all stones, this one is just my favorite. I find it most calming if I sit down in a nice, quiet, peaceful environment, close my eyes and hold my fluorite in my hands and squeeze as hard as I can.

Just think about all the worries you have and let the stone take them right out of you. Breath deeply and meditate with your stones, maybe try a little bit of yoga. You are bound to feel more relaxed after this.

by: Anonymous

As an empath I struggle with depression as well and nothing works for me like Chrysoprase does. It's a little hard to find but a small amount goes a long way. The only thing is that you need to give it a "break" after a few days so that you can let it and you recharge, so I'd also pick up some Citrine.

How do you feel about jade?
by: Cecilia

I just thought, the love of it comes from the same guys who took "crisis" to mean "opportunity".

It's not for everyone. I had a long resistance to it, maybe because it was manipulated in so many ways. But since then I've fallen for so many natural pieces as they really soothe and help transition.

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