Crystals I Use.

by Sue Sproston

At the start of this year I started wearing a Black Tourmaline bracelet as I was very sensitive to bad vibrations around me and constantly being dragged down by certain people who seemed to drain me.

I wear a Sunstone pendant as at this time of year, as I struggle with the dark miserable days. Lastly I do have a piece of Citrine and Golden Rutilated Quartz together under my pillow with my goals for 2012.

Sue Sproston.

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Crystals I Use
by: Trudy

That is good to know as I have the same problem with negative vibrations. I carry Rose Quartz and Amethyst to help deflect those negative vibrations and psychic attacks. I place them on crystal quartz to cleanse them of the negative energy at night. Does anyone else have any crystals they carry and for what use?

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