Cursed Amethsysts?

I had a strange necklace made of Amethyst and Rose Quartz. When around people the Amethysts turned black... The first time I got it, I put it next to my bed and I got harsh nightmares that night. I ended up putting it away with my other gems and forgetting about it for a long while, until I was showing my collection off today. The person I was showing it to immediately picked up on a bad vibe, saying she doesn't like the feel of it and I should get it away from my other gems... which were sleeping.

It hurt my hands to hold, and it leeched the colour from most of the Rose Quartz, too. My Mum, who has a lot of experience with things like that, asked to see them, and when she took hold, she said they made her feel creepy.

Later she told me they made her feel cold too. When she took hold of them they instantly started changing colour rapidly, turning deep black. My other gems were thankfully mostly unaffected. Mum told me to get those Amethysts out of the house, that they were beyond purification. What do you think could have caused this?

I am somewhat sensitive to gems, but in a different way to my Mum. I get impressions, sometimes like physical sensations, sometimes like it's calling, or in this case, growling. It also turned my hands red to hold them while I was deliberating putting them in the bin like my Mum wanted or taking it to a healing gem shop. I got the feeling it would crack the singing bowls they used though...

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by: Sean

I have been wearing crystals for years now and nothing like this has ever happened. One of my favorite stones is Amethyst. I use this stone for a variety of situations and it has always helped me.

I titled my comment "You Are What You Eat" because perhaps the Amethyst was trying to tell you something. Maybe it was telling you to consult a Spiritual Guide for some other reason. (I am not criticizing your story).

Many times what we put out is what we get back. Did the previous owner experience any problems? If it were me I would take the stone out of the house and bury it for at least 24 hrs or longer. See what happens. I sincerely hope things will get better for you. Thank you for sharing.

It's a necklace
by: Cecilia

Can you somehow suspend it over a cleansing cluster? After asking the cluster, of course. (Smudging might bring the fire brigade down on you). Caveat: this will take long. Try not to lay it on the cluster to wreak less damage, just in case.

Gut reaction: was there a previous owner, and are they set in metal? I ask about the metal because it kind of conditions cleansing. Resetting by professional jewellers is also one way of recycling stones, which as you know outlast any human.

Then, there's the matter of previous use and what the amethysts have seen. Maybe it's not even a use, just a programming. Many amethysts are mined or distributed through areas with questionable spiritual as well as commercial practices. (The combination with rose quartz draws my suspicion to a "binding" intention, and any attempt to subjugate another is spiritualy questionable).

It is, of course, a wise option to throw them away if you feel this is proper. On another hand, if you feel up to it, this is a chance to develop a certain fortitude and learn from these stones. They may yet talk to you one day.

The stone is "coincidental" to me
by: Anonymous

I have a friend that had a nasty spirit attached itself to them long before I came around. It sent a cursed amethyst to me before I knew about the thing. I got the same feelings off the stone as you described, and the nightmares.

It also had flecks of what looked like tar inside the crystal. I've tried the rain, the moon, the sun, the Earth. I think that thing is cursed for good, but it's interesting to me that your and I's instance both involved an amethyst.

by: Anonymous

I found this thread after googling cursed amethyst. Looking for similar experiences with amethyst. I have a small geode with I have in my home, I always loved the color and the name.

Recently I went to the nature/science museum here in Denver, which had a gemstone exhibit, I came across a large amethyst geode, one of the largest intact pieces, like 3-4ft diameter. I got close enough to get one picture before the energy of it affected me.

It was like standing in front front of glowing hot metal, the atmosphere was dense, like I was being crushed by heat. I immediately walked away, and was getting pain in my back and shoulders. I definitely try will be wary with amethyst from now on.

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