Damaged Amethyst

Hi all,

I am new to crystals and have enjoyed reading this site. I recently purchased an Amethyst and put it outside to cleanse in the moonlight before using it.

When I brought it back inside I noticed many scratches on it's surface and there are bits of sand inside some of the cracks.

I live near the ocean which could explain that - especially if it was windy out. I feel absolutely terrible about the damage.

I haven't been able to find anything online as to what to do when a crystal has been damaged like this. Is it still usable? Please help! Thank you so much. xo

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Same Power As A Perfect One.
by: Anonymous

Please don't look at the damage. Look at the beauty in the crystal still. It is like your good friends. Some have scratches and dents but they still have the same good heart and can come to your aide even if they are not perfect.

I see the crystals I use, if they have cracks, scratches and imperfections, as ones that have come a long journey to find me! And, they are ready to work!!!

by: ReadingTheStars

All is well with your Amethyst.. It is still usable! It is not as if you intended to damage it, so it isn't like you were directing any negative energy towards your amethyst.

by: Nancy

Your Amethyst now has character and was just connecting with the place that you live by the ocean and sand. All crystals have character to them, many people prefer a near flawless stone. I prefer to feel the energy of the stone and see how it can help me.

In my collection I have raw and polished stones, they each have their own character and how they connect to me. Enjoy the beauty that each of them have to offer.


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