Do Crystals Need Us to Meet Them Halfway?


I read something about crystals that intrigued me. I don't remember where I read it, but the author stated that crystals can help you develop, but only if you are already at a high enough level of consciousness to tap into their energy.

This seems to reflect my experience with crystals. I love their beauty and having them around, but I cannot honestly say that I have manifested with Citrine, found more love with Rose Quartz, etc.

Do you think the author has a point? Thank you for your comments!

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Not Just Rocks
by: Dee

I have had a lot of crystals, and none of them are anything more than a rock until they are cleansed, and you spend some time with them, and you give them intention and purpose. Even then, sometimes the energy is so subtle its easy to dismiss. The stones aren't "magic" but they truly can help give a boost!

Working With Crystals
by: Eddy

I agree that some meditation with your quartz or stones is helpful in your journey with them. I have a big quartz crystal I found in Germany in the late 90s. Not until this year, after years of growth and meditation did I finally feel an amazing new energy. I have always loved and cherished it, and think its vital to make your intentions known to have a 'working' relationship.

Crystals Are A Magnifier Of Energy !
by: mitchell

Crystals will not save you or make you enlightened, they will magnify the energy of you. Energy that is your mind, your thoughts. So if you call on love energy with a rose quartz crystal, you will feel it more intense than if you just call it to your hand.

Try it. Hold a Clear quartz and ask your mind for clarity, it gives the command more pump, and with your willingness to know your truth, you will get your answer.

Crystals are tools to assist you, like a shovel to dig a hole. If you love a crystal it will reflect that for and at you, so love your crystals well.

Crystals have been programmed w/ ancient information
by: Anonymous

I have been given some amazing crystals. I believe that there are crystals that are with us from ancient times (i,e, the mayan, atlantean time periods) that have been programmed with info for now. I have several that I sleep with that I believe transfer or share that knowledge while I sleep.

I agree, you have to cleanse the crystals when you get them or find them so they have only your energy but spending time with them in meditation or sleep time will help you to "meet them half way". It is your intent that sets everything.

To get knowledge from the crystal and do nothing with it would be useless... so yes, you must be ready or at a mental spiritual level where you will know what to do with that knowledge that comes to you from the crystal. Asking that question shows you are on that awareness journey!

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