Does cutting oil negatively affect the healing properties of (LITHIUM) crystals?

by Cora
(Los Angeles)

I was looking at this one crystal which is deeper and more saturated than the typical very pale, almost colorless ones. I asked the seller if it was dyed. He said he used "cutting oil" which had deepened the color and was permanent.

I wanted to know what that was so googled it and landed on "honing oil" on Wiki. It says: "The two most common classes of honing oil are petroleum based (typically mineral oils), and non-petroleum (typically water or vegetable oil) based. Common additives include chlorine, sulfur, rust inhibitors, and detergents."

Would all these elements impair the stones' metaphysical properties? I should assume at the very least, chlorine, sulfur, rust inhibitors and detergents would have a very negative impact on the crystal. As I've mentioned before a few years ago got an imperial topaz that was not only oozing oil at the base, I coudln't feel anything one way or another about it! (Truly a first for me with crystals)

Oh! It's one of these lithium bearing stones and I wanted it to stabilize some spooky mental cycles I go through. (Nothing else works so back to crystals for me!) I'd think that the lithium would be "drowned" in chemicals/elements and no longer active, perhaps even toxic?? What is everyone's opinion on this?

Thanks everyone who shares their thoughts. An expert opinion would be super welcome though! :)

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Good you are cautious
by: Anonymous

You are probably right, it has been tainted by other chemicals. Minerals or crystals can survive physical manhandling and change their forms by polishing, cutting, cleaving etc but once chemicals become involved that is another matter

Kind regards


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