Dreaming of changing my crystal that I wear in my cage necklace

by Emma Grattan
(Newquay Cornwall UK)

Hi I’ve had 2 dreams about my crystal and I’ve only been wearing it for 6 days. I’m new to crystals so I’m just getting to grips with it all.

I’m currently wearing rose quartz in my cage necklace and my first dream was that I looked at the bottom of it and it was changing colour to a dark green.

My second dream was that I asked my boyfriend to change the crystal in my cage necklace. I’ve seen that your supposed to wear a crystal for 10 days or a month at a time and see what effects they have on you.

Are my dreams telling me to change the crystal I am wearing or is it just bedding into my soul?

Many thanks

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Just a guess what you can do.
by: Laurie

Is there any room on your necklace to add a clear crystal quartz to your rose quartz? If that's not it, maybe try cleansing, energizing and reprogramming your rose crystal again.

There could be a possibility something could have been bothering you when you first started with your rose crystal. So maybe treating it like a brand new crystal, remove negative energy and cleanse it, if you don't like using water, you can substitute in brown rise, and recharge.... Let this endeavor be a 48 hour process. For me while doing this I have to be in complete peace while the process is going on.

By the way I only have 3; Shungite, Black Tourmaline and Ruby, and I'm contemplating on getting adding Labradorite for a week and a half, I didn't know why, but I found something out today that Labradorite could have some connection with my mother. Even though my mother's birthday is on July 28th her birthstone is a Ruby and Labradorite also have connection to my eldest daughter as well.

I find it too much of a coincidence. Any way I'm re-energizing my 3 gems again. I try and do this more than twice weekly with my shungite. and since my ruby is fairly new I am treating it as if I just got it and I'm going through the process again.

Hope everything goes right with your stone and good luck and take care, Laurie

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