Finding My Voice With Lapis Lazuli

by Amy Shay
(Patterson CA)

I wanted talk about my experience with Lapis Lazuli. It is a personally powerful one that has changed the course of my life to what it is today and where I am headed.

I speak of it with gratitude for Gods creation and it’s wisdom. I went to an intuitive that told me to wear Lapis Lazuli.

Without knowing anything about me, she said you have a problem in the endocrine system. The thyroid, the 5th chakra. This particular stone would be very helpful.

It needn’t be expensive, but you can wear it right at the neck and it will help. But, you still have to take your medication and see the endocrinologist! Umm, ok, I thought. That’s interesting. I guess I need to find me some of this Lapis Lazuli stuff.

This started my path and opened the doors to an entire world of wonder in the realm of crystals and minerals. Now, I had never heard of this stone or could I pick it out of a line up, but I’m sure I would love it is blue as I am a Pisces and if it will help with my problem, I will try anything. This thing is, I have Graves disease. It is a thyroid disease, I can’t regulate the thyroid hormone, my eyes bulge, due to swelling, my body is exhausted, my heart pounds and has dangerous palpitations, my hair falls out, I loose weight, then gain weight.

Everything is out balance in every way. Physically mentally and spiritually. I have been fighting this for 3 years and I have tried everything to get it under control. Medication, a holistic approach, diet, exercises. Nothing seemed to help. It has overshadowed my entire life with its presence.

My sweet twin sister, Erin was on the job. She makes beautiful jewelry. So, she made me a couple of necklaces and some bracelets for me to wear. Which I do wear religiously. I also got a beautiful triangle piece of Lapis Lazuli.

When the piece first came the energy was really confused and chaotic. I was not even aware of the power of this stone. But, I knew I couldn't have it in the same room that night so I put it out of the room and did some research. This is when I came upon and the wealth of knowledge Liz lovingly and selflessly devotes her time and energy to for all of us to reference.

It happened to be a full moon the next night, so I put her out side and the next day I sang to her too. This important for me because I sing, but do not sing in front of people often. I have read on Liz’s site that you can cleanse with vibrations. I started my meditation this day too. It was slow at first, focused on the 5th chakra and the 6th the 3rd eye. I felt the immense power of this stone! It was amazing almost like a repelling of 2 opposing magnets from my forehead to the stone.

This is when my guides came in to talk to me! Wait. WHAT? Is this for real? This can’t be for real? This must be my imagination. My whole body relaxed completely. I tried not to interfere and just listen. Immediately a sense of love, wisdom, safety and wholeness of indescribable depth surrounded me. I didn’t “see” them but I could sense them. It was a group of them. I don’t know how many but I started asking questions like a little kid. I was very excited.

I immediately asked about the Graves disease. They said “we have already worked on this and it is healed, It is done.” Wait, that’s it? I said. It’s over? “There is other work to be done” “Much work is to be done”. “Oh, like what”? I said? Well apparently they did not feel I needed to know at this particular moment. Darn, ok Amy, don’t push it. I felt very obliged and humbled just to get the information that was offered. I got a sense love pouring into the heart chakra and then they were gone. And then the tears. Tears of pure joy! Was that it was it finally over? The sleepless heart pounding nights? And racing thoughts?

I still well up thinking about it, because it has been some months. I will tell you, my blood work is completely normal now. My life is regaining balance. My brain is working in the way is supposed to. Not the fog I was in for so many years. My joints are not swollen and in pain and I’m finally free from the prison I was in for so many years. I’m so very happy that my life is finally on the path it is meant to be on.

We all have our struggles be it health physical or spiritual. Mine was with my voice and communication. I am learning to speak up. Not to let people talk over me and I am learning that I have a voice too. In my job, in my relationships and as a creation of God. My voice is my gift and it is my greatest gift. I shoved it down for too long and it caused dis-ease.

Every disharmony will manifest itself, and we have to take a serious look at ourselves and learn from it. In my case to take a time to heal myself and really love myself enough to look at what caused this. Then remedy the reasons why my voice is/was not being used the way God and I intended for it’s creation. We didn’t make this voice to sit on the shelf. We made it to be heard. So, I best use it!

Now, I am speaking up more, I am much more creative. I am a graphic artist by trade but have been in a bit of a rut for a few years. I am a good singer, but have always been terrified of singing in front of people and it is my strongest gift. So, slowly I am looking into how I can express that part of myself. I don’t know how yet but, maybe teaching, maybe just karaoke, but somehow working with that aspect of my soul.

The Lapis Lazuli helped me to focus that love and direct to the most important aspect. I thank the Creator for this beautiful vibration in healing for me when I need it. I thank Liz for this site, her knowledge, and I thank you for reading my story.

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Amazing Effect Of Lapis Lazuli
by: Liz ~Site Writer & Owner

I really appreciate your sharing your story, about how much you have benefited by the use of Lapis Lazuli. Those of us who have used crystals for a while can easily see the effects on our daily life, but not everyone has had such excellent benefits so quickly, from using these beautiful blue crystals.

This is one of my favorite stones, as it is a powerful stone for assisting spiritual growth. I am so pleased for you that you have also had such amazing physical healing as well. This has been so life changing for you, and it is wonderful that you have taken the time to share your story with everyone.

The world is going through some quite powerful changes at this time, as the vibration has been lifting over the last few years, and more and more people are aware of the need to embrace their spiritual side. I was so happy to hear that your guides came through and aided your healing in that way. The truth is that if you reach out for help it is possible for it to be given to you, and to a large degree it is about being open to receiving... which you did :)

Now you have found your voice, I expect your life will continue to change, and that this is just the start of a marvelous new chapter in your life.

Love and best wishes for your future life Amy!

Blessings Liz

by: Erin

That is such an inspiring story and I know it to be true because I am her twin sister, and I have watched Amy struggle through this for so long.

I have wanted and tried to help but I could do nothing. I am so glad she is on the way to feeling better and actually spiritually connecting with herself! Love you Amy!

first experience with crystals scary
by: Anonymous

First time I ever touched a crystal it was a snowflake obsidian. Got it online and it came in a beginners soon as I touched it I felt nauseous, got a headache, and got the chills. Waited till the next day to cleanse all the crystals in salt water.

I cleansed them for a day but the air was very heavy and I was still feeling itchy, vibrating sensations all over my body. Every time I would go upstairs where the crystals were stored or being cleansed I couldn't breath. I was so scared I got rid of them. What do u think that was? Its been almost a week and the air is finally not as heavy and I'm not as freaked out. Thank you

Lapis For Endocrine Balance - Me Too
by: Christina

I read Finding My Voice with Lapis Lazuli and it resonated strongly with me. I also have an endocrine disorder and experienced most of the symptoms outlined in this post for Graves Disease.

For the past 4 years I have purchased every 'natural' supplement that is supposed to help, and have adopted a very strict diet. Still my symptoms were getting worse.

Even sleeping pills don't work on me for the insomnia. Melatonin lasts about 3 hours. My palpitations, my hair etc etc, the same. I used to use Lapis under my pillow years ago before my symptoms became worse from stress. I can't remember why I stopped, but I had forgotten about it.

I am now back onto it and already have regained a good start sleep wise, by Day 3! Next new moon I will be making crystal essences of Lapis and am wearing beads to bed and a pendant in the day. Of all the approaches I have tried, it is the most powerful, and what a beauty. Thank you for this inspiring post. I second it.

My experience with Lapis
by: Anonymous

I have Lapis Lazuli and when wear it around my neck I feel a connection and also a feeling of sadness. When I take it off I feel like I'm breaking that connection and I did this multiple times to check if I'm crazy or not...... I'm not.

I also get this strange sensation on my chest and stomach, my chest feels like it abundantly stomach feels like there is a bright light inside of it can anyone explain any of this to me please it would be so helpful.

Your Story
by: Anonymous

I was very happy to read your story as I'm a Pisces myself and I use Lapis Lazuli to expose the truth and to help me overcome my nervousness with people and say what I think and feel. I was very encouraged by your comments on the signs of hope you have gained in your life by wearing Lapis Lazuli and I'm thus encouraged to do the same myself. Thanks for your inspiration on this point.

Anonymous first above 1st crystal experience.
by: Janice Suria

It could be possible if you had that bad reaction from your first crystal experience, if it wasn't cleaned well, and may have gone through a xray machine at the airport.

I've been told usually via mail across the border they don't go through this machine, but I only know when your at the airport with crystals they do go through the machine, this happened to me and instead of using crystals from a local store right away at a friends, we used the ones that went through the x-ray machine at the airport, without listening to my gut telling me not to, and a lady at a crystal store in Redbank, NJ said "it won't do anything to them, and my friend who knew nothing was like ah,nothing should happen.

Well we taped a few of those ones outside a water bottle that day, that night drank some of the water, she was in extreme pain for one night only thank God, striking pain bolting out of her body (that's the radiation), and I know what White Aquamarine does for my body and eyes, I was not hydrated, it didn't taste the same and my eyes did not feel hydrated, until she used the stones from the local store the next day.

I have read to bury them for 4-7 days, but many like selenite, calcite, can't be buried, Amethyst, Citrine, Fluorite, Rose fade in the sun too long, but incense, palo santo sticks clean em, and you can take em to a metaphysical store and place them into a crystal bowl for cleansing.

by: Faraz

My name is Faraz and im also suffering from brain fog and my star is pisces

Lapis Lazuli and Dreaming
by: Aniu

I honestly have to say that I have had really weird dreams.

Before I had bought the Lapis Lazuli I had dreams of a white wolf, blood, a burning town that did not burn (if you know what I mean), three Angels and a portal to hell. As strange as this was, and how frightening this was, it didn't matter. It was always the same dream continuing on and on.

Since I bought the Lapis Lazuli, my dreams of shifted. I would not say for the better. though the dreams had a very risque side to them, I wound up dreaming of murder and war, and deception.

I tried to do a hypnotherapy session, fell asleep and the dreams intensified. I tried to do a meditation session while wearing the necklace and I saw the white wolf again.

No matter what I do, ever since I started wearing the necklace my dreams won't ease up. This thing, whatever it is suppose to do, is not working. Suppose to help me sleep? Yeah, I can't wake up from the nightmares I have been having with this dang thing. I'd rather wake up from Semi-scary dreams, then not being able to wake up from Dreams of murder, destruction, and pure agony.

Lapis lazuli reaction
by: Anonymous

I have many crystals but I never had a lapis and one day my husband's coworker sent me one without meeting me for some reason. I cleansed it with sage and I had it on selenite as well.

I put it on and a few hours later I had one of the worst autoimmune flare ups in years. I didn't think at the time it was the Lapis but it lasted days. I decided to take it off and hours later I started feeling better.

I thought that it might of been some energy carried from the person that sent it to me. I kept it on a Selenite bar for months without touching it. A year later my husband decides to buy me a lapis lazuli pendant. I've worn it a few times and I haven't noticed anything until this past week.

After I charged it over the full moon I decided to put it on and 24 hours later, I had again the worst autoimmune flareup since the last one. It lasted again a few days. I immediately remembered the reaction from last year and took off the necklace to see. By the end of the day I felt so much better.

Is this possible? How can I have such a strong debilitating reaction to this stone? Is it trying to tell me something or is it that my energy & the stone's energy are not compatible?

Beautiful story!
by: Anonymous

Wow, wow, wow! I loved this story. Thank you for sharing. I've been gaining weight like crazy following my last baby being born, and I've been perplexed how to lose it since I have a good diet and walk when I can. Anyway, I was meditating and decided to ask my higher self for advice. Lapis Lazuli immediately came to mind as the answer. Which really surprised me!

I love the stone, but I wasn't expecting to hear anything like that. Unfortunately, I ruined a pair of earrings about a decade ago by cleansing them in salt water. Until now I completely forgot that I have a set of stone runes in lapis that I can start meditating with right away. Your story really inspired me. And, interestingly, my thyroid was off during my last pregnancy and I've also been working on how to let a creative project be born by "giving voice to it." What an interesting parallel.

Thanks again for sharing. I really hope you're still doing great and wish you all the best. I can't wait to see what happens when I meditate with lapis!!

Lapis Lazuli Dangerous?
by: Maria

I bought a wonderful Lapis Lazuli. Cleansed it then I wore it. I just think is too strong for me. I feel like dizzy when I have it. Put it in a room and each time I am going there my head starts spinning and I have some nasty headaches. What can I do?

I chose it because I felt a connection with it. It’s so beautiful I don't wanna throw it out. What can I do? Please help!

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