Focus issues

by Raina
(Lovely Colorado!)

I recently (6 months ago) started investigating crystals. I have a 9 year son who struggles constantly with focus. We struggle everyday and night to keep him on track. Of course his Dr. recommended medication, but as a person who refuses to take or give meds I very quickly said no. After investigating ADD and ADHD I found that my son gets it honestly from his mom and dad. I have tried adjusting his diet and sleep, and limit tv time. All that helped but didn't give him the results I know he needs.

I found a Youtube channel that talked about the healing powers of crystals and I was instantly hooked. I'm having an issue finding the right crystal for him though. I would like for him to have a masculine colored necklace but one that actually works. I want crystals that have had the least amount of handling and in the most natural state possible. I believe crystals will only react the way they were handled, and want to make his necklace (maybe one for me too) with all the love I can, so the crystals feel loved and will return it to him.

Is there a particular crystal you can recommend for me? Lapis Lazuli seems very promising and Flourite. I would rather not have stones for his pocket as he will just play with them all day or lose them, hence the necklace. We have easy access to Apache Tears and I know he would love that but I'm just not sure.

I addition I have just started collecting crystals and got myself a Labradorite and love this stone. She goes with me everywhere I go and I have found that she and my amethyst work wonderfully together. Not much help with the focus but great for the happy moods and protection from others with bad vibes or moods.

Thanks in advance for the help and insight.

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