by Jen

I have been searching for a new Fulgurite for some time. I brought one and felt very good with the crystal. I tried not to use it too much. I was afraid of my self-centred self. The Crystal is most definitely very powerful. I tried to use it when I pray and only with my purest desires for healing and others.

I took it with me to a healing seminar and there I met a woman with whom I felt some resonance with.

As I listened to her story I wished her everything, all the healing and self-forgiveness that she needed. When she had done I felt that I had to part with my precious stone. I felt the need to give it too her. Telling her to use it consciously.

I struggled afterward that I no longer had my Fulgurite, apart from anything else it just seem to give me strength and an assurance inside myself. I still recall that sense if I only think about the crystal.

I keep visiting the market in Oxford where I hope the people who lovingly sold their crystals would return to but they never do. I would like to find another one but so few people have ever heard of it. I am longing for another Fulgurite.

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Just Believe That Another Fulgurite Is Coming To you
by: Liz

Jen, what you did to help this lady was wonderful! Very kind-hearted of you to give this piece of Fulgurite to her. You may have helped her to make major changes in her life because of it. Don't mourn its loss... as maybe it was simply time for that piece of Fulgurite to move on.

If you are meant to find another one, it will come to you. Ask spirit to give you one... then use the process of coincidence and synchronicity to bring it into your life.

It is not self-centered to want good things in your life. For help with this concept, read the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks... who wrote the Abraham books, where you learn that there is no shortage. In their book Ask and It Is Givenyou discover that all you need to do is ask and you shall receive. But you do need to believe too.

I wish you blessings on your journey, and I hope that you find another Fulgurite soon. Although they are not common you should be able to obtain one, if it is meant to be. Ask spirit to help you, relax and allow the process to flow to deliver what you desire.



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