Growing Pentagonite... Any Theories or Explanation?

by Joanne
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

I have purchased a cluster of Pentagonite on matrix. When purchased it had 3 smaller 1/4 inch crystals flowers. It's been in my home for a year, and now it has 10 flower clusters.

Two of the original ones that were about a half inch apart, are now touching and looking like a bigger cluster. The third crystal was a small speck in a crevice, it's now tripled in size and is overflowing the crevice... with long needles.

The newer ones started off as a blue flat spot and crystals slowly grew on it appearing one tiny crystal at the time (maybe every month or two). The existing needles keep growing longer as well. That's about as good as I can describe it.

In the spring, having noticed substantial changes in my Pentagonite, since I was at a mineral show I stopped to talk to a geologist of 30 yrs who confirmed my own research that a home neither contains the heat nor the elements required for the formation of new crystals. He never heard of this phenomenon and said it was pretty much impossible given the material itself is an unusual anomaly.

I understand science states it impossible but I can't change what my eyes are seeing according to scientific beliefs. Any thoughts?

Btw, I love this site, it's great. thank you for the good work and variety of knowledge and insight available.

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Many Crystals Seem To Grow
by: Liz, Site Owner & Writer

Hi Joanne

I find it very common for my quartz crystals to change their configurations, and you are not the first person to report on crystals that change, although I haven't heard of this before with Pentagonite. As you no doubt know, Pentagonite is very similar to Cavansite and one of the ways that you can tell them apart is the length of the individual crystals!! Very interesting!

I feel that it is something that is happening in our world related to the vibration of the planet lifting. Not that I can know that for certain, although I do know that scientists have measured the vibration and that has changed.

I also am constantly finding changes happening in my crystals, to the degree in some cases I wonder if someone took the original and replaced it with another! Yes I know that didn't happen, so there has to be an alternative explanation, and I think its related to the stronger connection that many people are making both with crystals and with Spirit. Crystals are an integral part of our planets make-up, and our own bodies are of a crystalline nature, so I suppose its easy to understand we have a connection with many wonderful stones and their devas.

I would love to hear from others who have also had the same thing happen, as this may reassure you that its quite normal. Thank you for taking the time to write and for your comments on my site! Lovely to hear you are enjoying it!

Love and light Liz

My Crystal That Grew
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your fast response Liz ! :)

I'm glad to see I'm not that crazy then (I did question myself...hehe) Yes I do feel the vibrational change, it's been happening for quite some time now. I guess I never thought of it, but would make perfect sense.

I'm happy others get to experience this phenomenon, it's amazing to watch our crystal friends growing or changing in our care, what ever the reason may be. Who knows, maybe we help them grow with our energy like they help us? Just goes to show how little we really know about the world around us.

by: Caleb

I have seen so many stories like this. It just truly amazes me when people find that their crystals change/grow.. Interesting story. :D

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