Growing rutile threads in my smokey quartz!

by Eden
(Salem, NJ)

Larger Rutilation through magnifier

Larger Rutilation through magnifier

I had no idea this was possible or even how it happened. I acquired and amazing crystal friend that I lovingly refer to as Jack. He is a smokey quartz crystal skull (approx 3"hx5"L) with lovely rainbows and fantastic energy.

I have a small new-age shop and he used to spend most of the time there. I had since changed locations and Jack then resided in my living room on one of the tables. I pick him up from time to time, admiring his energy and beauty, but admitting not spending as much time as I used to.

Last night I taught a crystal class at my new shop location and brought Jack in as an example to demonstrate rainbows and share his wonderful energy. This is the first time he has been in this shop. As I sit here writing this, he's right in front of me and I am still in awe. I am getting to the point, I promise.

SO let me tell ya, I have examined this guy with surgical precision, over and over. I picked him up about, oh, 20 minutes ago and noticed something had changed. He's got gold colored rutile needles, or threads forming. I thought, nooo freaking way. How can that even be possible??? I whip out my magic wizard eye, or in lay terms, jewelers loupe and get in for a closer look. Unless there is some other phenomenon that can happen within quartz, I could swear this is now a rutilated stone.

I snapped some photos the best I could. My camera is pretty old but maybe you can see what I am talking about. There is one thick or large rutilation and several smaller ones. The small ones were really hard to capture and the one I did is a bit blurry so it looks wider than it is. I did manage to get the big one through the magnifier but the small one just weren't coming up. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Rutile threads in your smokey quartz skullie, how exciting!
by: Liz

Hi Eden

How exciting for you to find rutile threads in your smokey quartz skullie! Wow! Yes believe it is possible, as crystals can and do change. My thought, really a guess, might be that there was at least a little Golden Rutile there and that maybe it grew?

I have had a few changes happening lately in my stones, and I believe they respond to the needs of the person who is their current keeper. A few pieces of gorgeous Rutilated Quartz in my collection are quite dark, that is lighter smokey colored, so I have seen this combination.

Maybe its the energy in the world getting higher that the stones are responding to. I know recently my beautiful big Smokey Quartz Dow crystal is growing tiny crystals on its end, which has really surprised me, so I know changes can and are happening in our crystal friends.

Thank you for sharing your story! Maybe others would like to tell you if they have had this happen to them too.

Still Geeking Out (In A Good Way)
by: Eden

I had one of the students come back to the shop the following day and she was shocked too. It is so amazing how these stones can change. Maybe there was a microscopic piece of Rutile in there somewhere and it started growing. What ever the case may be it is still amazing to me.

I have seen stones change color, get clearer or cloudier, but never anything like this. So cool! If you are every down my way, stop in my shop and I will show you. It's "A Moment of Zen" in Salem, NJ. I don't want to violate any rules about what can and cant be posted so just google me :)

Living Beings
by: Angel Xyra

Of course, you know that minerals are also living beings. If anyone needed proof, you have now provided it!

Best wishes for continued bright blessings!


My quartz became smoky
by: Anonymous

Hi, I think it is possible. Once I crafted a ring from double edged tibethian quartz and after some month of wearing it become dark smoke quartz.

Also when I work with other stones they behave a react differently even you can think they are similar. They make changes during my hand craft as if they love attention.

From beginning I think it seems to me only, but now I am sure.

Mine grew too!
by: Fi

I once had a gold rutile pendant set it gold. After after a few years I noticed the needles started to grow thicker and eventually the needles came out of its encased pendant 😅 but I lost it. Now reading your story, I am so happy that I was not imagining things. Lol.

Rutile growing inside my Tabular crystal
by: Stacy

My Tabular crystal length 6" 1/2 width 2" 1/2 depth is 1" When I bought it there were golden rutile and titanium. After 6yrs the rutile is growing longer- I mean, there are rutile strands that have grown about an inch longer!? A long strand that protrudes from some black material at the one end of the strand were most the other rutile is. This strand used to be at least 2 3/4" from the tip of my Tabby but now it almost reaches the tip.

Also, tiny gold sparkles now appear surrounding long strands of rutile and it looks like a starry night scene. My Tabby was also clear quartz with the aforementioned inclusions and i noticed it changed into a smoky quartz; not a dark dark color but an even smoky color. There's also what looks to be a matrix growing inside were the Tabby at first had clear quartz with no intrusions.

Is the Rutile somehow pushing it's way thru solid rock? and I guess I thought all things that grow need water but that must be wrong...Help?

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