Healing Crystals To Support Your Work

by Kristin Fehrman
(Medford, Massachusetts)

Lately I’ve been in the habit of keeping stones with me. Depending on where I’m going and what I’ll be doing, I will pick a stone to keep in my pocket throughout the day.

After starting to carry these gems with me on an everyday basis, I became curious to learn which stones may benefit me at work, too.

Although I have a daily practice of meditation, enjoying my coffee, and reading in the morning, I need to remember my “zen” throughout the day, too. I often need to reset at lunch time to breathe, take a walk, and clear my mind. The stones have been helpful reminders to calm my brain, slow down, and take it easier on myself. When I feel nervous or antsy, I just reach in my pocket! The stone is a symbol to keep me conscious and to stay in the moment. Do crystals actually do anything? I don’t have a scientific answer for that; but I do know they have been used for centuries (and I would never turn down additional support!) and have helped many long before my time.

Education and writing go hand-in-hand, so it’s been exciting to implement mindfulness in the classroom and see how it’s given me the ability to teach, too. A year ago I never would have guessed I’d be working with kids! Working with children as young as 4 and old as 14 requires a lot of calming energy, flexibility, and balance- so I am grateful to have a mindfulness practice to keep me centered.

Patience, communication, and sense of peace are absolutely necessary in both education and the world of writing, so I looked up which stones would be helpful for teaching, creativity, and working with people.

Rose Quartz

Representing unconditional love, this pretty pink stone is a favorite of many. Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra and promotes friendship, self acceptance, harmony, and healing. This is an ideal stone in any profession when working with others; this crystal allows us to feel compassion and understanding. This is so commonly taken for granted in the workplace! When you open your heart and think of your job as purposeful, the day simply goes by faster, everything flows easier, and you leave feeling better. Empathy, care, and compassion goes a long way at work- each day I feel as if I have accomplished something good, which is a very new feeling for me after leaving the traditional business world.


Opalite supports all levels of communication, opening any emotional blockages, psychic abilities, and strengthening your spiritual connection. It doesn’t hurt that it’s so pretty- it shines iridescent shades of pink, blue, and purple. Opalite is an ideal stone for life transitions, especially when facing a big decision. It’s an amazing tool for opening the third eye- the chakra of intuition. As my one year in Boston approaches (tomorrow!), I look back on how my own third eye assisted in my decision to start a new life in Massachusetts. Although I’ve been living on “gut feelings” for as long as I can remember, that was the third eye in action. Opalite is also great for mood swings, increasing energy, overcoming fatigue, and encourages persistence. This is a power stone to aid all areas of life!


This powerful and protective stone is not only beautiful, but it also benefits the immune system (which is always good in a school!). Amethyst is most commonly known to support the crown chakra, which is your connection to the divine and your higher self. Spiritual awareness, healing, inner peace, and balance are among the many benefits of amethyst, which are all perfect for any educator, writer, or artist.

Not only are these gemstones lovely, they each support your mind, body, and spirit. I’ll admit, I’m hooked! In addition to my pocket stones, I also love wearing crystal bracelets to boost my good vibes. If you’re in the Boston area, my favorite stores for crystals are Seven Stars (Central Square, Cambridge) and ZuZu’s Healing Arts (Downtown Melrose). You’ll even get a free stone at ZuZu’s when it’s your first time in!

What stones do you love for everyday healing?

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