Healing Powers Of Arfvedsonite

by Amy Shay
(Patterson ca)

My Arfvedsonite Sphere

My Arfvedsonite Sphere

Boy do I have a story for you. So, after reading, well, skimming the info on your site about Arfvedsonite, I decided to look for some online.

I was disappointed that I could not find much... but did come across a 2 lb sphere. The seller was asking $150, but I offered $100 with shipping, which she accepted, and I got it a week later.

So it sat and I got busy, until I cleansed it in the last full moon. I tried meditation with it before I cleansed it, but its energy was a little weird and felt chaotic and kind of hmm dark... that's all I can say. So I put it away.

Then once it was ready, I just let it kind of speak to me. It's so heavy I ended up laying down and put in over my 2nd chakra, which is injured from some trauma. I thought from everything I have read about it, that it was going to aid in my 3rd eye visions and psychic clairvoyance, but instead, with the help of my guides, it began moving around my belly pulling all the negativity out of my body!

Fully completely, sucking it up like a sponge. It was absolutely incredible. I had no idea this would happen. My hand was being guided to the areas of my body it needed to address. rolling around slowly and I just went along with it. The pain in my lower back disappeared as well. I did not get any type of psychic visions, but I knew that its job is to heal. So that's what I use it for.

I love it! It is so powerful and rare. I reread what your site says and was blown away. I was so interested in the psychic properties of this mineral. That is what had drawn me to it, but I guess it has done what it needs to do in vibration especially for me and I am so glad I got it. Thanks again for your site and all the info you put out. I will continue to meditate with it and see what else it is able to bring forth.

Even though a big flash in the middle of the picture above, you can see all the beautiful deposits. It is so special and I really love it! There is also another picture of it on my pinterest. http://pinterest.com/pin/97038566942992574/

Best Amy

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Gorgeous Arfvedsonite Specimen
by: Liz ~Site Writer & Owner

Hi Amy, thanks for sharing your story. That is a really stunning sphere you have there! I love the colors in it. Those gorgeous golden pieces, are a classic attribute of this stone. And I know its probably even more beautiful up close.

I am so pleased for you, as this stone has given you just excellent healing results. Its interesting how different people can be healed in different ways by a specific stone.

I feel this is an example of its valuable to allow yourself to be guided as to how to use a stone. Just because it says in a book... or on my website, to use it at a particular chakra and that it will have this result, doesn't mean that you should use it that way.

While using a crystal how I suggest can give you powerful results, be open to using your stone how you are intuitively led to use it. Your guides will be there prompting you to do something for your highest good. So if you feel a strong urge to use it in a certain way, that is what you should do.

The results are what matters, and as it has helped you keep using it, in whatever way seems to be working for you! Keep us updated on how it is effecting you Amy!

Love and light Liz

My mystery stone
by: A.D. Mallozzi

I have had a stone pendant for many years now, in a grab bag of beads and stones. I could not figure out for the life of me WHAT this stone was. I thought it might be labradorite, but it didn't look like my favorite stone. I put a bail on it and wore it from time to time. But I still didn't know what it was, and it bugged me a lot, because I collect crystals and stones. I prided myself on the names and being able to identify them.

Eventually, I forgot about it all until I stumbled onto an internet search and THERE was my stone! I dug it out of my jewelry box and held it up to the image on my screen. Same colors and patterns, the fans of blue shimmer, and splotches of red crystal.

This being an uncommon stone, it was hard to find the metaphysical meanings for it, but I loved wearing it.I feel so happy to have finally figured out this mystery.

by: J.N.

Yea, agreeing with Liz, good share!

by: Gerald

Isn't this an Astrophyllite sphere? The Healing Crystal page on Arfvedsonite clearly stated that Arfvedsonite and Astrophyllite are easily confused. The former has blue/silver flashes while the latter is more of a gold one.

From Liz:

Gerald, have a look at my page on Arfvedsonite. You will notice that many of the pieces shown have the same reddish color in them.

So I think it is Arfvedsonite.

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