Help me with choice of stone

by KSC

Hi, My mom recently discovered a big tumor on the jugular vein in her chest area.

I'm not able to find anything about vascular tumors in general on the internet, especially not about stones that help with vascular tumors.. so would you please tell me what stones would you give her, to help her in healing?

Also if you would have any idea what is it meaning energetically? I appreciate your help very much!!

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by: Phoenix Rae

The first thing that came to my mind is selenite. Selenite is super purifying, opens the flow of energy, and opens us to our higher self. Its energy is strong and pure.

Its one of my go to crystals because of it's clear, angelic presence. I wish you and your mother all the best ♡

by: Phoenix Rae

Amber also just popped into my head. Amber is warming and energizes the solar plexus, giving one the zest and will to heal and live a long healthy life.

When my gram was in the hospital, I kept her space gridded with selenite & rose quartz and kept a big chunk of amber nearby as well as some other stones specialized to her injury but the selenite, rose quartz, and amber are a powerful healing and soothing combination.

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