High Vibe Chameleon Crystal

by Gina
(Las Vegas)

Crystal size

Crystal size

Back in 1997 I acquired this crystal from an indigenous man in the Andes Mountains. I rediscovered it in a box of old stuff when I moved to Vegas last year, and have been keeping it on my bedside ever since.

It's not a great looking stone in terms of shine, but I love it and sense it has selected me. It has resurfaced through my many moves. I'm just starting to understand its unique power.

It has 2 very obvious triangle markings, one is made of horizontal incised lines like a ladder, facing upward. There are several others triangles incised on surface when you look closely.

It has a dull finish and takes on a very slight golden-pink tone when placed in sunlight, and tends to pick up tones of whatever's around it.

I would say its a clear-2-cloudy quartz color most of the time. It seems to have a very strong water energy, even though it was acquired in the mountains. It will also casts colors onto objects, if you notice the pink gold tone it cast on the quarter in photo.

It warms very easily when I hold it, and sometimes it gets so hot I must put it down. It also appears to have had another crystal inside of it. The pics I will share are all the same stone, but watch how crystal takes on a different tone and personality in each pic, what's that all about?

Here are some pics, would love to learn more about this wonderful stone, how to care, recharge and protect it. I feel that is has both healing and historical info to share. Not very knowledgeable about crystals and would love some feedback.

Thanks, Gina

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Pretty cool crystal you have there!
by: Tara

Hi Gina,

You have a neat little crystal there. I think it looks amazing, other than its rainbows, it looks like it might also have some enhydros or water bubbles in them which suppose to be amazing emotional healers for relationships.

Crystals come in different form and shapes; every one has a unique meaning.

I'm new to crystals too but you can find out what your crystal's exact cut and shape mean, it could provide more hints to its hidden powers.

You can bring it to a crystal or mineral store to get it examined as to what kind of crystal it is.

Here's how I cleanse my crystals. I create a ring of sea salt around my crystal with a radius of 25cm. I learnt that the crystals do not like to be immersed in salt directly.

You can charge your crystal in strong sunlight for 20-30 mins tops, not too much. And on full moon days, let it bathe in moonlight for the entire night. You can cleanse quickly under running water in the kitchen sink with the intention of cleansing it or smudge it with incense or dried sage sticks.

Hope this helps,


Meaning & Use Of Different Crystal Formations
by: Liz Site Owner & Author

Hi Gina, I just wanted to let you know that there are a couple of pages about the various formations that quartz occurs in.

There are so many configurations that I divided them into two pages as one page would have been too long. There is a link from one to the other and you can see one of them here: Quartz Configurations.

As Tara said you might find it helpful to take your stone into a crystal or mineral store and see if they know what it is you have. Its often very hard to tell from pictures.

Regardless of whether you know what it is, you can simply connect with it in meditation and ask it what its purpose is for being in your life.

Although Tar mentioned cleansing it with salt be very careful where you put the salt, as salt can harm your stones.

Love and light Liz

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