How Golden Healer Lemurian choose my daughter to be her keeper

by Helen

Hello, I want to share my story about how I bought a Lemurian (she weights 100g) and she has the most beautiful golden color.

I was buying lightning strike Lemurian and at the same time this golden Lemurian showed up and I bought her too. She was calling me so strongly to buy her.

I was really happy to have this beauty and that she choose me. So we did all welcome home rituals and on day 5 I took her to sleep with me. What happened? I got the most odd dreams and even some pain in my solar plexus.

So how I reacted? I cleaned her and put into her pouch to rest and took time to think about what happened. After some time I took a new try to sleep with her but this time my daughter slept with me and in the morning the crystal was under my daughter :) She was hot clear and shiny!!

My daughter is 9 year old, and she's now the keeper for an amazing Golden Lemurian. When my daughter feels a bit bad or is ill, she reaches for the Lemurian healer, and all her pain, bad mood or picked up viruses are gone. And the Lemurian sleeps under her :)

My big lesson from this crystal, is that not all I want is what I need, and not all crystals who call me are exactly for me. Some crystals make us smarter in a very strong way IF we don't listen!

I can't be happier to see how good a relationship they have, they even study for a school tests together! This is perfect match!!

Much love!

Thank you!

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